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Adams Morgan Hotel Resistance Has Liftoff

Every real protest movement needs a decent website, and now the opposition to an almost-approved $46 million tax abatement for the Marriott's Edition hotel in our little corner of Adams Morgan has joined the anti-Walmart people in setting up an internet soapbox. It's all in preparation for a forum on the issue put on by ANC 1C, taking place at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday in Mary's Center, 2355 Ontario Road NW in the Church itself (ANC chairman and Councilmember Jim Graham's constituent services director Wilson Reynolds says bundle up, it's cold in there).

In the mean time, take a gander at some of these two-year-old conceptual drawings, recently released by the developer, to get a sense of what the thing might look like. They're calling it the "Devil Tower" in listserv chatter, but it reminds me more of the Standard Hotel in New York, which is a credit to its (admittedly very high-income) neighborhood.

View from the north.

View North from Champlain.

  • John

    Nimbys Nimbys Nimbys. I admit the rendering isn't flattering but I am sure it will look much better in person. At the end of the day it's a good thing for the city that would certainly translate to higher property values for homeowners in the area. But at the end of the day all the individual nimby cares about is if the building is tall or insults their personal design asthetic. As a nearby resident I am all for the Hotel. It will raise the stature or the neighborhood and the city. Making it much more economically stable.

  • PaperDoll

    Well said @ John.

    The hotel will generate tax revenue for the District, in turn funding all of the social safety net problems that everyone is so concerned about.

    Of course, most can't think that far ahead and simply come out against any sort of tax abatement.

  • Rick Mangus

    This is just like the Walmart story in Ward 4! Take a real close look at any so-called citizens groups behind opposing this project, look for the man behind the curtain and follow the money!

  • Ward One Resident

    FYI, the meeting will be at Mary's Center (2351 Ontario Rd., NW; the pink building) not at the Church. The meeting location was moved last week.

  • Lydia DePillis

    Thanks, Ward One Resident, and sorry for the mix-up!


  • Cait

    Property values are already excessively high in Adams Morgan!

    What's more, this is a unique area that has its own identifiable brand of architecture. The hotel is unnecessary and, quite frankly, will stand out like a sore thumb, particularly if the artist's rendition is maintained.

  • http://bdonahoe@gmail.com Betsy Donahoe

    The hotel will add people, cars, congestion to Adams Morgan. Also, it will put the B&Bs out of business or at least put a big dent in their business. I agree with Cait. Property values are high. Property taxes are high. We are not some withering neighborhood begging for a shot of corporate expansion. Adams Morgan neither wants nor needs Marriott. I hope they put it in Arlington.

  • chgobluesguy

    Sorry AdMo residents. Yours was a funky and interesting neighborhood. In the eighties. Now it's a frat party. Who made it safe for Marriott to come in? You did!

  • John

    Betsy- Your comment is CLASSIC nimby fear mongering. CARS! PEOPLE! CONGESTION! unfortunately it's also classic in that it's uninformed. First of all it's not really a Marriott. It's a partnership with Marriott that will result in a unique and urban hotel that would cost $415 a night. So NOT in competition with all of these Adams Morgan "B&Bs" you speak of... Rather it's in competition with other high-end hotels in DC and will bring an injection of day time cash to our neighborhood. Just as similar hotels bring to Dupont and Georgetown. I'm sure any shopkeeper here would be all for that. It may even result in a better mix of shops, instead of just bars and jumbo slices. Don't get me wrong I don't want Adams Morgan to be another Georgetown but that's what is so great about this hotel. It is high-end but it's a boutique, arts hotel. This is why, after all, it wants to locate in Adams Morgan and not a stale established neighborhood in the first place. So what Adams Morgan are you the self appointed speaker of anyway? I live here and I'm all for it. Not only do I think the neighborhood will be more vibrant for it but I think the City will certainly benefit. My friends who work in Adams Morgan are hoping it opens and I've yet to speak to a neighbor who isn't excited. Seems to me a lot of Adams Morgan disagrees with you. So please don't pretend to speak for the neighborhood as a whole.

  • kob

    In Adams Morgan there's an opposition to absolutely everything. But regarding the hotel, there's two streams of opposition.

    The people who live immediately adjacent to the proposed hotel appear to have concerns about environmental impact, loss of light from a higher structure, placement of vents, etc. These are legitimate issues. I live a few blocks away and I'm not directly affected, but if someone where building something next to my place that might reduce the light coming into my apartment, then I might have issues.

    The second river of opposition is largely around the tax break. It has turned discussion into a rant-fest farce on the Adams Morgan listserv about politics and religion and everything else. It's becoming incoherent.

    The tax break issue is a distraction. The former church isn't going to be redeveloped into something that can actually help the neighborhood without a tax break.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Betsy Donahoe', go take a Valium for Christ sake!

  • Belmont Rd Neighbor

    I'm not against a hotel in the neighborhood. As much as I wouldn't like a luxury hotel, I'm not even opposed to a 5-star Marriott, as long as they don't get preferential treatment. I've talked to many business owners in AdMo and all are resentful that they get no tax breaks. The local bars and restaurants have more to fear as the hotel is scheduled to have several bars and restaurants inside the hotel that don't have to worry about taxes for over a decade or longer. That's an unfair competitive advantage for the rich.

    Tax abatements should be used to create incentives for the kinds of development we want in our neighborhood. A $500 per night luxury hotel that we and our families can't afford is not a priority. Build it if you have the money to build it... same rules that apply to the rest of us.

  • Crackheads4Jesus

    I have lived in Adams Morgan and this Marriott is sorely needed. The Wardman Park has existed for years and B and B's still do fine. In fact, whenever I've tried to find a room at a B an B for friends or family, they are almost always booked solid.

    Bring on the Marriott, bring on the onslaught of people, and most importantly, bring on the onslaught of TAX REVENUE!

  • Tex

    This is a great project that will bring additional vitality to Adams Morgan during the daytime and a new vibe to DC hospitality. It is simply not financeable without a property tax abatement and it should be clear that sales taxes, occupancy taxes and other forms of revenue generated from the project will not be abated and those revenue sources are significantly higher than the amount of property taxes proposed to be abated.