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Gabe Klein Out?

The former dream team. (Lydia DePillis)

District Department of Transportation director Gabe Klein is scheduled to give a statement at the Reeves Center at 10:15 this morning. The Post's Mike DeBonis is tweeting that several agency heads were booted yesterday, but he doesn't know whether Klein was among them (Neibauer hears that DCRA's Linda Argo and OCTO's Brian Sivak got pink slips as well).

If he was, it looks like almost Mayor Vince Gray will have heard the pleas of the Committee of 100 and upper Ward 3 power players, as well as the folks at the Penn-Branch Citizens/Civic Association, all of whom sent letters asking that he be replaced (along with Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning).

Of course, this could all just be Klein getting a bunch of media buzz to announce a new streetscape project or something. It's been done before.

Anyway, see you there!

  • Skipper

    Not shocking in the least bit.

    And Karina Ricks - of the Gray fence fame - may also want to start an account on Monster.com.


    Hopefully, he will be packing his bags since he campaigned against Gray at the ward 4 strawpoll

  • drez

    Argo and Klein are both out.

  • RGFleet

    Hehehe...the self obsessed hipsters over at GGW who supported Gray because they thought he was going to keep Gabe are going to go apoplectic. How naive they are.

    An army of people who moved here in the past ~5 years think that they know the District, and don't understand a politician will tell you whatever you want to hear, during the campaign.

    Later gabe, you won't be missed. Now you can go back to your catering business.

  • joan

    Good riddance. Now get rid of Karina Ricks.

  • noodlez


  • samantha

    Why do any of you Fenty Freaks think that his foot soldiers have entitlement ? Send all of them the way of Cheney, Rhee and Fenty's Mobster Nickles ! Sign up for the Garbage Removal Brigade . Drop empty boxes and garbage bags at their offices and residences , KYA, YOU and the unqualified Rhee Team are next . Then the drunkard gambler who has been Hitler in DCPS can lay across the casino tables in Charlestown on his own time, not DCPS .

  • DCexpat

    His skin is the wrong color.


    I hope this is true because Gabe Klein can be nasty and arrogant to DC residents like his King Adrian Malik Fenty. Good riddance to this idiot.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Klein has been the worse DDOT Director in the District. Where did Fenty find this guy?

  • Drez

    This happened over streetcars.
    Klein's only other sin is to create transportation options and improve safety.
    Another progressive has fallen.

  • stella

    a) no real experience
    b) no real results
    c) real, real entitled and arrogant
    d) does he even have a basic business license/C of O for the apartment unit he rents out? Is THAT legal?
    e) NEXT.