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Fort Lincoln Parking Lot Doesn’t Look Any Better as a Rendering

Sigh. The D.C. Building Industry Association's monthly newsletter has some new illustrations of what the giant big-box development at Fort Lincoln will look like, and the sight of acres of concrete surface parking is just as depressing as when they pitched it as "green" a few weeks ago. According to developer Michele Hagans, there will be a walkable central "Main Street", as well as a few open plazas with outdoor seating and pedestrian connections to surrounding residential developments.

But considering the whole site is now covered with trees and shrubs, I'm not looking forward to the concrete trucks rolling in this coming spring.

  • Rick Mangus

    It's a parking lot for Christ sake in a ugly part of town, this is an improvment over whats there now!

  • OctaviusIII

    That's actually quite a bit more extensive than I first thought it would be. This looks like a cookie-cutter big box development, but with 1,707 residential units it will be much larger than just a standard development. Given the disabled and elderly housing, I'd have hoped there would be more of a push towards walkability than there seems to have been.

    Well, at least the Fort Lincoln folks will have a spot to do some redevelopment in 50 years.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Rick: Have you actually been there? It's not an improvement. What's there is a functioning wetland and forested area. There are ugly areas nearby, but not the green area that they're going to devastate with this paving exercise.

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