Housing Complex

Morning Links: Little Help

Awkward! [Georgetowner]

We think our height limit is bad... [Yglesias]

How to keep the lights on at Eastern Market? [THIH]

Thoughtful thoughts on Potomac Gardens. [DCist]

Real estate folks give generously to Gray transition. [WBJ]

Foreclosure sales slow dramatically. [Examiner]

New York, Portland, Baltimore take home smart growth awards. [NRDC]

Would have been nice if the CDC had told earlier that pipes were still contaminated with lead. [Post]

Jack Evans just got out of a 15-hour gap closing hearing and started talking about building a football stadium? [WTOP]

Today on the market: Live around the corner from us!

  • esquire

    why do the criminal and the unemployed get free housing in dc, while I as a federal employee am effectively priced out of DC and my salary is frozen? why do they ask me for money, when I have $100K in debt? I'd be better off being unemployed.

  • Mayflower

    evans mentioned this days before the budget hearing to mark seagraves from wtop.