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D.C. Buildings Chief Won’t Serve in Gray Administration

The departing Ms. Jasper. (DRES)

Little birds are telling Housing Complex this morning that Robin-Eve Jasper, director of the Department of Real Estate Services, has announced that she won't be sticking with the job in January. That will make her the person to make it official, after D.C. Fire Department chief Dennis Rubin bolted back in October (not counting former schools chancellor Michelle Rhee and attorney general Peter Nickles, whose resignations were foregone conclusions).

Though less contentious than leading the Offices of Planning or Department of Transportation, heading up DRES is a hard job, involving intense public pressure to improve buildings with little funding. It wouldn't be a surprise if Jasper, a real estate lawyer who was appointed 2008, would want to return to the private or non-profit sector.

But it's also a prudent move, since nobody's job is exactly secure at the moment. Even many rank-and-file Fenty administration employees are exploring their options, realizing that Vince Gray may want to bring in his own people. Expect more such announcements in the next month.

  • Skipper

    She was generally useless.

  • DCexpat

    Her skin is the wrong color.

  • American Rogue

    DC Expat –

    I pray this move has nothing to do with something so inconsequential as skin color!.


    She did the right thing and she was not a friend of small business in the District of Columbia.

  • Boney

    Hilarious she gets a snide remark because she's not "for" small business.

    If the DC small business leaders cared more about quality work than stealing gov't money, she'd support them

  • DCDem

    She exercised her options. She wasn't forced to. It is unlike what happens in every city across the nation when the incumbent is defeated. This really isn't news.

    If all of Fenty appointees bolted, that, too, would not be news. It is the nature of the beast in politics.

  • Rick Mangus

    Man I wish that I had a resume service in this town!


    She was juggling DPM regulations and would eventually be found out, good move on her part to avoid the scrutiny. Some of her cronies need to take heed.

  • David

    She will not be missed. She was a poor manager and generally useless. She only did what Fenty told her to do.

  • Anonymous, Too

    "She was juggling DPM regulations and would eventually be found out, good move on her part to avoid the scrutiny. Some of her cronies need to take heed."

    To Jasper's replacement-
    Time to obey the law: 1. provide the public with an accesible and complete inventory of all publicly-owned property in DC 2. Develop a Master Facilties Plan for the above.

  • buck juice

    say what you want ms jasper was nothing more than a red neck racist cracker. She was a very incompetent director who history need to be told. How she got the job I kind of wonder mr gray please chose a person of color. this job has always gone to a white person.We have a town fully of talent people of color give one of them a chance

  • David

    She was definitely a racist and surrounded herself with 2nd tier people who she could control and feel superior to, Black and White.

  • eddy

    Ms. Robin Eve Jasper allowed her deputy (Spencer Davis)to hire and mistresses in the Facilities Divison in exchange for giving him cover while she converted a majority black Department work force into a majority white work force. Good Riddance !

  • eddy

    Ms. Robin Eve Jasper allowed her deputy,(Spencer Davis) to hire mistresses while she filled out the agency with whites. I guess he promised her that Sinclair Skinner would save both of their jobs. She was nothinbg more than an incompetent cracker. Ther is another deputy director guy there who owes his job not because he knows anything, but because his wife is Robin Eves' best friend.There is yet a third deputy director in charge of construction whom I would not hire even to flip burgers.Good Riddance.

  • Heaven

    THEY ALL NEED TO GO TO JAIL!!!!! humiliate them the way they humiliated others for no reason; you ugly BEAST. what goes around comes around and you will get the worst end of the stick, SNAKES!!!! YOUR SOUL WILL BURN IN HELL'S FIRE-FOR REAL.

  • JJ

    Robin was not the one juggling the DPM. She hired a gay guy who in turn hired a whole bunch of gay guys from HR, whose sole responsibility was to split hairs and find ways to abuse civil service workers. This is like President George Bush asking his Justice Department to find ways to bless his torture. I wonder what they are going to do now that the gig is over. !!!!

  • Get real

    So, let me get this straight "eddy" -

    A deputy director who is married to Robin's friend. Another deputy who hires only mistresses and the other who you wouldn't hire to flip burgers.

    Sounds like a bitter former employee who was part of the massive housecleaning that happened at OPM, when Robin and the deputies took over.

  • Get Realer

    I love the naivete but unfortunately "eddy" was dead-on. Yes their is personal considerations in the appointment of other deputy directions. Believe it or not, yes, the Facilities DD is a notorious womanizer who hires his mistresses-of-the-moment to work in the department...sort of Barry-like don't you think? Finally, the DD of Construction is a well-known clown who is short of temper and insecure enough to alienate professionals and requires being surrounded by sufficiently inferior minds content to stroke his growing ego as his little Construction division works with an ever-shrinking budget & portfolio.

    Robin-Eve though is actually pretty awesome. She's brilliant, she's innovative, she's exactly what this city needed when it came to things like fixing the politically charged and embarrassing percentages of DC agencies that pay outrageous rents to have leased space in private buildings (naturally all "Friends of The Current Administration") when there's owned spaces available. I'm not saying she's not without fault--her tolerance of incompetence within her ranks is no small matter but OPM, now DRES, has really turned around in the last years.

  • In the know

    Get Realer, If you think Robin Jasper was smart, you realy did not know her. She is not smart, however, she surrounds herself with second tier people so that she will appear smart. She was one of those people who did everything Fenty said to do regardless of wheather it was ethical or not. She used to say our "Mayor is a Rock Star".

  • hail

    Hey Get Real:
    You sound like a Fenty apologist. DC is a small town. Word gets around fast. Apparently, you are the only guy in town who is unaware of how many times Gerrick has been sued for sexual harassment, or, the fact that Spencer has more mistresses in DRES than you can fit in a minibus. You sure are in denial if you are not cognizant of the fact that this kind of behavior,permitted by Robin Eve,caused Mayor Fenty his throne. The fact that a project manager has been named interim director is very telling of the opinion the new adminstration has of spencer, gerrick smith, jim south and Jonathan Kayne.

  • Spot On

    Robin Eve Jasper was a complete incompetent that surrounded herself with tier 3 people. She was rude, unethical and worst of all too arrogant to realize she was an idiot. Her claim to fame is she knew Neil Albert another crook, idiot and arrogant person. Spencer yes mistress city it is well known fact oh yes and a high school dropout who somehow was able to get a Senior Deputy job above many other qualified African American men. Gerrick Smith lets see I think it is (5) sexual harrassment lawsuits at this point. Oh than there was that really smart Leah Treat who was a Grade 11 Secretary and somehow jumped to a Grade 16-Chief of Staff because she knew Dan Tanglerilini and not much else. Todd Douglas another supposed "genius" with a shady pass and a brain the size of a pea. Jim South well his wife is best friends with Robin and as a Deputy he never moved into the city got around it by being designated an MSS with a Deputy Salary..........the truth speaks volumes about Ms. Jasper's supposed talents

  • Get Real


    You say:

    "The fact that a project manager has been named interim director is very telling of the opinion the new adminstration has of spencer, gerrick smith, jim south and Jonathan Kayne."

    My reply:

    The fact that the new administration has chosen the executive program manager (who headed up the schools re-use program, mind you) that is cronies with Allen Lew smacks of the same "crony ism" that you (and others of your ilk) complained about Fenty doing.

    But go on, keep talking. It's funny watching people talk who think they actually know.

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