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What Fenty Would Cut

So, not that this matters much, but Almost Not Mayor Adrian Fenty has submitted his plan to close the $188 million budget gap. Michael Neibauer has a bunch of the highlights, and here are a few more items on the chopping block from the Housing Complex world that the incoming mayor and Council could choose to keep (or not).

  • $2,374,000 in security and janitorial services for municipal buildings. Heads up SEIU!
  • $500,000 from ABRA reimbursable detail program: Fewer cops on rowdy streetcorners after hours.
  • $300,000 from the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, which helps poor families pay for heat in the winter.
  • $689,000 from the Renewable Energy Incentive Program, which helps people put solar panels on their houses.
  • $300,000 from tree planting.
  • $808,000 from alley repaving.
  • $1,091,000 from repaving local roads.
  • $300,000 from pedestrian safety enhancements.
  • $4,691,000 from postponing implementation of the Healthy Schools Act.
  • $300,000 from healthy grocery initiatives from the Department of Small and Local Business Development.
  • $1,595,000 from commercial revitalization initiatives, like storefront renovations.
  • $40,000 in postage at Office of Planning (they spend $40,000 on postage?)
  • $38,000 from the Office of Planning's zoning map maintenance and development project, which makes this reporter saddest of all.
  • DaddyGraceFishSandwich

    I haven't seen Fenty at all since the local election. Is he still our mayor of DC?

  • LOL

    oh look at schools and police already. you can find savings by eliminating some inefficiencies there without cutting classroom money.

  • ga73

    "$40,000 in postage at Office of Planning (they spend $40,000 on postage?"

    Plans must be mailed, I guess!

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  • http://corkyincatty@msn.com anon

    ga73 is probably right. By law OP has to do mailings to surrounding neighbors when cases go to BZA or HPRB hears a historic district nomination case. They'll have to change the law someplace, but it's about time.

  • Phil Lepanto

    "Reimbursable Details"... this has NEVER made any sense to me. Why do we have to pay cops to stand out on street corners? Why don't our taxes pay for cops to stand out on street corners.

    Frankly, cutting "reimbursable details" from the budget isn't a matter of cutting cops from street corners, it is ending a ridiculous budget shuffle game. We give the police cars, badges, and guns to keep the peace and maintain order. Why is it that Adams Morgan has roughly 18 officers on duty a given weekend night and U Street, which is just as attractive a nightlife destination has 1 officer on duty: reimbursable details. Modern policing can be much more effective. What we really need is reform of our nightlife management so that it isn't an uneasy peace between neighborhood residents, activists, and business owners that governs, but a rational pro-active, holistic approach that links community, industry, service and safety together into a cohesive management framework.

    It's unfortunate that Mayor Fenty is doing this as part of an austerity measure instead of doing it for reform purposes.

  • MBG

    Wrong agency---"$38,000 from the Office of Planning's zoning map maintenance and development project"--well, _actually_ it is $38,000 from the __DC Office of Zoning's__ budget for GIS development. Not a trivial detail. Maybe OCTO will pitch in to cover.

  • MBG