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Ellwood Thompson’s Bails From DCUSA

Ellwood Thompson's, the biggest tease in Columbia Heights real estate, has decided it's not going to open a location on Irving Street after all.

According to Councilmember Jim Graham, the Richmond-based organic food store recently ended its two-year flirtation with the DCUSA location–and will lose about a million dollars in breaking its agreements.

"I was the one who sent them there," said Graham, noting that they'd first asked him about the 14th Street location now occupied by Yes! Organic. "Little did I know how conservative, really timid, they would be come...they’re going to pay for this very bad decision."

Graham expressed confidence that another organic grocer could be found to occupy the space; discussions are already underway with "a whole group of them."

UPDATE, 3:00 p.m. – Ellwood Thompson's tells TBD that they haven't bailed on the CoHi spot. "I don't know why Jim Graham is saying this. We are not in default. We continue to work with the landlord to make this happen," said owner Richard Hood.

UPDATE, Saturday 9:35 a.m. – Graham reiterates that he has spoken with Drew Greenwald, president of DCUSA owner Grid Properties, who says that Ellwood Thompson's is "in default four times to the tune of $1 million." "We don't know what Mr. Hood is talking about," Graham says.

Calls  and emails to Ellwood Thompson's have not been returned.

  • John

    Would it really be that hard to get Whole Foods back to the table? The only reason they left was because they were denied designated parking. At least thats the story I heard. Then Ellwoods tied the space up a couple years. Now that it's been demonstrated that DCusa has ample parking maybe Whole Foods would be willing to examine the location again. Or. DCusa could just give them the parking they want since it's sitting empty anyway.

  • jilly

    MOMS - My Organic Market -- please!!!

    But with a cafe..................

  • John

    Good Call. I went to one of those on a road trip and it was great.

  • John


  • John

    Looks like TBD is now quoting Ellwoods as not having abandoned plans to open in DCusa. It never ends. My children will be grown by the time something opens there.

  • Skipper

    Memo to Jim Graham: STFU.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Skipper', total agreement, also would you open any business in this town with all the government bullshit and shakedown money you have to pay-out? PG County and Jack Johnson doesn't hold a torch to what goes on here!

  • Marcus

    You guys should hope for a Whole Foods. ET is just as expensive, but lacks the selection of WF ( especially with the hot foods, salad bars etc). Just an opinion from a Richmonder...

  • Rick Mangus

    Yea, let's forget about price and be trendy!

  • Gordon

    One more vote for Trader Joe's. I can't see how they wouldn't make a killing. (Though didn't I hear a rumor about their considering a space near 14 & U?)

  • Sam

    Another vote for My Organic Market----MOMS

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