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Committee of 100 to Gray: Sack Klein, Tregoning


Well now, the Committee of 100 has gotten a bee in its bonnet: President George Clark blasted off a letter to incoming Mayor Vince Gray this week calling for the replacement of Department of Transportation director Gabe Klein and Office of Planning director Harriet Tregoning.

The letter cites a litany of complaints, most centering around what Clark sees as a disregard for community input (by which he means their input) and the aggressive pursuit of a smart growth vision (which the Committee of 100 doesn't share). He also accuses Klein's DDOT of neglecting basic services while pursuing shiny toys, and even of losing the city a federal grant for streetcars with his poor planning abilities. Overall, the letter makes clear that the Committee of 100 has felt very abused over the last several years.

"It is offensive to many neighborhood groups to be characterized as “NIMBYS” or “antis” when they want to protect a neighborhood’s character or challenge whether an initiative will actually achieve the desired result or ensure that District laws are faithfully implemented," Clark sniffs. "Openness and collaboration should be the touchstones of One City, and it seems to us counterproductive to endorse the

Inexperienced rube!

continuation of leadership that disdains public participation and sends the message that the District needs to be more like other cities and less like the nation’s capital."

Read the whole damn thing after the jump.

November 15, 2010

The Honorable Vincent Gray

Mayor-elect of the District of Columbia

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 504, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20004

Dear Mayor-Elect Gray;

We look forward to working with your administration on realizing your campaign theme of One City. It is a goal that every District resident shares even though it has proven difficult to achieve. We renew our organization’s commitments to serve District neighborhoods and to decrease divisions and increase opportunities. With this in mind, we are writing to urge that you not reappoint Harriet Tregoning as Director of the Office of Planning (“OP”) and Gabe Klein as Director of the District Department of Transportation (“DDOT”).

During the past four years, Ms. Tregoning has pursued an agenda that she characterizes as smart growth, with the implication that the city is a victim of “dumb growth” and needs a radical makeover. We disagree with her definition. Smart urban growth is a targeted and disciplined approach that equates sustainability with preserving neighborhoods; and integrates environmental standards, community preservation, infrastructure improvements, economic opportunity, and public participation. We think the results demonstrate that Ms. Tregoning has a skewed view of smart urban growth and a top down approach to the future of our city. Under Ms. Tregoning’s leadership the Office of Planning has done the following:

  • Initiated a transformation of all land use regulations and processes, which in implementation will result in fewer protections for residents and less engagement in regulatory proceedings;
  • Disregarded many hard-fought-and-settled issues in the excellent Comprehensive Plan in favor of her own ideas of what all neighborhoods should look like;
  • Laid the groundwork for confusion and future lawsuits by proposing fuzzy language that omits guidance on the height measuring point for development behind Union Station;
  • Demonstrated questionable judgment in assuming the role of Mayor’s Agent in historic preservation cases, for which she has no legal training or experience, breaking thirty years of precedent during which an experienced, impartial administrative law judge had always presided over these adjudications;
  • Avoided public scrutiny of OP actions as evidenced by the lack of even one city-wide meeting with the public or ANC commissioners on the proposed zoning changes;
  • Downplayed or ignored critical comments at public hearings and displayed little or no empathy for the affect of her complicated zoning changes on residents, individual neighborhoods, or the pattern of living in the District.

There may be some residents who applaud the “I-know-best” approach exemplified by Harriet Tregoning, but we think that her style conveys the message that the public is not welcome to intrude on the advancement of an agenda. We are hopeful that as Mayor you will find the absolutist approach incompatible with bringing the city together. It is wrongheaded for city leaders to believe that progress cannot be achieved if citizens are involved. And it is offensive to many neighborhood groups to be characterized as “NIMBYS” or “antis” when they want to protect a neighborhood’s character or challenge whether an initiative will actually achieve the desired result or ensure that District laws are faithfully implemented.

Openness and collaboration should be the touchstones of One City, and it seems to us counterproductive to endorse the continuation of leadership that disdains public participation and sends the message that the District needs to be more like other cities and less like the nation’s capital.

We also urge you to appoint a more experienced Director of DDOT. While Mr. Klein has no shortage of ideas, his implementation of them has been uneven and may have cost the city potential federal funding for streetcars. Expanding the public transportation systems requires more than mapping routes. It demands thorough financial and governance planning, environmental and historic preservation review and compliance, planning for maintenance and other ancillary facilities, assessment of streetcar technologies worldwide and much more. Under his directorship, none of this has occurred except in a most superficial way. Mr. Klein has associated DDOT with the symbols of a “livability” agenda but hasn’t done the hard work of ensuring long-term sustainability.

Similarly, the DDOT initiative to create a network of bike lanes lacked depth of planning which has resulted in confusion for all roadway users and questionable safeguards for any of the users. It would have been helpful and prudent if DDOT had accompanied the promotion of bike usage with an aggressive campaign to demonstrate the safe and lawful role for each category of roadway users and an active enforcement of laws governing each of the users. The singular goal was to produce another symbol of the “livability” agenda and to declare victory despite the created tension among pedestrians, bikers, drivers, and public transit operators.

At the same time that Mr. Klein was focused on bikes and streetcars, daily transportation needs went unaddressed. It has been very difficult to persuade DDOT officials to respond to street, sidewalk, or other typical repairs; and it has been nearly impossible to convince DDOT to cooperate in advance on projected road work. We think the DDOT Director should have the capacity to lead a thorough evaluation of new or advanced transportation options, responsible introduction of new transit options, an efficient program to maintain roads and sidewalks, and engage the public in planning and implementing quality service delivery and responsive and safe transportation programs. We conclude that Mr. Klein has not demonstrated the ability to lead a well run and highly professional transportation department.

As the District faces unprecedented demands for public services, expectations that progress will not be stalled, and significantly reduced financial resources there will be a critical need for responsible and responsive leadership at all levels of government. The challenge to create One City when all residents will be asked to sacrifice is daunting. The task of reconciling a progressive agenda with the critical need to provide basic skills, safe environments, and opportunities to thrive for all residents is within reach if we have the will to do it. But it will make the journey easier if we have leaders that inspire engagement and collaboration and who have skills to creatively reconcile competing interests.

Ms. Tregoning and Mr. Klein are associated with a style and an agenda that doesn’t reflect what District residents want. It is difficult to conclude that they are the right people to focus on the parts of the city that rightly feel ignored or that they are capable of adapting their agenda to reflect a wider base of opinion and a profound interest in retaining our community values. We think that new leadership at the Office of Planning and the Department of Transportation has a better chance for achieving your goals, which we support.


George R. Clark, Chair

About the Committee of 100

The Committee of 100 advocates responsible planning and land use in Washington, D.C. Our work is guided by the values inherited from the L'Enfant Plan and McMillan Commission, which give Washington its historic distinction and natural beauty, while responding to the special challenges of 21st century development. We pursue these goals through public education, research and civic action, and we celebrate the city's unique role as both the home of the District's citizens and the capital of our nation.

  • T

    The Committee of 100 is one of the worst organizations I have ever encountered. They have no regard for the city, just for their own narrow and contradictory interests.

    This letter is filled with bold faced lies... both DDOT and OP have held numerous public meetings on many, many initiatives through ANCs and *public* groups. After reading this, I hope even more that Gabe stays on with DDOT and Harriet is promoted to DMPED.

  • http://www.ajfroggie.com Froggie

    One thing I've found funny about the Committee of 100 over the past couple years is that they supported a study of all the various streetcar power technologies, yet outright opposed overhead wires before the study could even begin. And they had the audacity to claim that DDOT was "putting the cart before the horse"...


    These people are unbelievable. They have no respect from black people that have suffered at their hands for 100 years in our city! They resort to lies to get what they want as you can see from this letter. I may not like Fenty, but city services have never been better! If Mr. Gray listens to these crazy backwards people, he already lost my support.

    One last thing. The reason people think they are nimby's and anti's is because that's exactly what they are, and racists too as a result of their stance on everything. Nobodys fault but their own!

  • T


    Fenty haters/lovers and Gray haters/lovers can agree that C100 doesn't speak for the other 599,900 residents of DC.

  • http://thebrightwoodian.blogspot.com/ The Brightwoodian

    What the bullshit?!

  • John

    Wow. Can't wait to see the discussion of this over at GGW.



    Agreed! Maybe if Mr. Gray caves in to them, he will be made the first honorary black member!

  • urbanette

    Unbelievable! I don't like everything that they have done either, but they have certainly been open to public input - tons of public meetings, web chats, etc.
    As a friend of mine says: 100? Is that their average age or the number of years ago that they were relevant....

  • DCDem

    I don't know anything about the group, and don't care to, however, I do agree that Klein should be replaced by someone who knows about, I don't know, ahhh "Transportation".

  • Bob

    The letter raises some valid points. There have been projects where it was breathtaking how Tregoning instructed her staff to dismiss legitimate concerns, get out the way and fast track support. At first I wondered if some developers were spreading a little Jack Johnson-style affection around, but I think it's really just Tregoning's I-know-best arrogance and sometimes understandings made at a higher level.

    I give much higher marks to Klein for good ideas and inclusiveness, but unfortunately he's still over his head as a manager.

  • Alex1207

    I would disagree about Tregoning. While I may not agree with 100 % of her views, she is atleast qualified for the position and intimately knowledgable about her job.

    Gabe Klein certainly needs to go. He is no more qualified to head a DOT than I am qualifed to fly to Mars.

    The guy worked at a failing car rental agency, then worked as a DC street vendor whose claim to fame is that he catered then Mayor Fenty's birthday party.

    A couple months later, he was all of a sudden head of DDOT.

    One minute slinging hotdogs at lunch, then next minute in charge of a city agency with a ~200 million dollar budget and billions of capital projects in the pipeline. Him in that role is astoundingly ridiculous.

    He has failed at every single DDOT endeavor he has his name attached too.

    The "speed bumps for anyone who wants one" policy ended up an embarrasing failure after NW DC council members started getting thousands of complaints of speed bumps appearing on their streets without study or warning, many of which were then removed.

    The Street Car debacle has drawn national ridicule. A completely unplanned (until this March, 7 years after they bought street cars and started putting in tracks) and unfunded multibillion dollar program that relied almost entirely on federal money they "knew" they were going to get...yet didn't get. And this is from the Obama Administration which is the most transit friendly of any in the past 25 years. Our street cars have been delivered and sitting in storage for ~2 years now, and the tracks they were supposed to go on are 3 years behind schedule.

    His transportation policy of "Bike Lanes, Nothing Else" has been an overwhelmingly expensive and embarrasing faux pas for him. Putting in bike lanes anywhere, without the benefit of forethought or study, haphazardly repainting any and all street without thinking of the danger to either cyclists, pedestrians or drivers. The PA avenue bike lanes that went in without planning or study, only to be ripped out and completely redesigned DAYS before they were to open. Klein himself admitted they hadn't really thought about the level of conflict it would create on one of the regions busiest streets. I say this as a regular, daily commuting cyclist.

    I could go on for days, but there is a reason one picks someone with qualification for a job like this. Sonmeone with some level of transportation, engineering, construction or management experience. Fenty chose a street vendor and the result was predictable.

    Replace him now.

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  • DC Guy

    This letter sounds like a bunch of sour grapes by people who are generally out of touch with the realities of what our communities are going to need to look like to be economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

    I would argue that for those who support the Committee of 100 positions, the 1950's passed a long time ago, and the corresponding built environment has and will continue to have negative impact on competitiveness for generations to come.

  • drez

    Will someone please let the Committee of the 100 know that NCPPC no longer runs DC, and they can disband now?

  • drez

    Thank you, Ward4NDC.
    It appears we agree on some things.

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  • Committee of 100 Spokesdroid

    Furthermore, we call for the reinstatement of poodle skirts, roast beef and mashed potatoes for dinner, and whites-only drinking fountains. Forward to the past, bitches!

  • washcycle

    Alex 1207, your factually wrong. DC has installed 49 miles of bike lanes since 2000. According to the 2005 bike plan, that predates Klein, they were to have 50 by the end of the year. So, this is not some crazy sped-up process. It is right on schedule for a plan from a previous administration. In addition, there is a lengthy and expansive bike lane design process that comes before the installation of any bike lanes. DDOT starts planning years out when and where they will install bike lanes. Most bike lanes - including the ones on Penn - were defined back in 2005. The PA avenue bike lanes were redesigned not for engineering reasons, but for political ones. Fenty thought repainting them would help him get re-elected. He was wrong. Klein argued strongly against that decision. Klein can't be blamed for being overruled by his boss. In short you have no idea what you're talking about. You should call Jim Sebastian at DDOT and ask him what goes in to adding a bike lane to a street. You'll be impressed at all the planning they do.

  • Reality

    So seriously, is everyone on the Committee of 100 crazy? Or is it just their overlord?

    This is completely absurd!

    If there is anything that OP has been about the zoning regulations re-write, it's transparent. The amount of public process has been nothing short of extraordinary. Does anyone on the Committee of 100 even have an internet connection to get themselves to http://www.dczoningupdate.org, where they can find notes and presentations from dozens, if not over a hundred, public meetings about the re-write? Committee, once at that site, if you need to learn how to open a Powerpoint or PDF file, call me @ 1-800-MIX-ALOT.

  • washcycle

    You're not your. Doh!

  • Alex1207


    Nothing you said refutes nor disproves that Gabe Klein is completely and undeniably unqualified for his job. I get that you like him because he turned a 200 million dollar a year transportation agency into a "biking" club at the detriment of the 99% of the city that doesn't bike to work, but his numerous high profile failures are evident and undeniable and run the gamut from the simple (speed bumps) to the expensive and complicated (street cars and bride infrastructure).

    And considering he himself admitted his "whoopsadaisy" moment with the PA Ave bike lanes, you denying it or making up some mayoral conspiracy is hilarious.

    An ex street vendor turned "transportation director" is a circus joke one would have expected under a Barry administration. Klein needs to go back to catering birthday parties and leave the actual transportation planning and management to people with experience.

  • John

    Does the Committee of 100 get public funds from the city? Given our budget crunch, that seems to be a good line item to zero out.

  • Oops


    OP has hardly been transparent about the zoning rewrite. For instance, they selected Steve Sher (former zoning administrator and now a developer friend at Holland & Knight) as the OP-selected rewrite committee "repesentative" from the DC Bar.

    The sleight of hand was that Mr. Sher is not a lawyer, and the DC Bar does not authorize appointments not specified by law or court rule (contact the DC Bar to confirm). OP's answer to how Sher was selected in light of these facts? A bit of blushing, silence and a change of subject.

    OP's rewrite process is a vast improvement over the Barry era, but the cards and process are still stacked to favor developers.

  • Oops

    When I say that Sher is not a lawyer, I mean that he is also not a member of the DC Bar.

  • Eric

    @Oops: The rewrite hasn't finished. And tell me how this website (http://www.dczoningupdate.org/) indicates lack of transparency! LOL

  • Oops

    @Eric: Hmmm, okay, for starters:

    Where does it explain how the "taskforce" was selected?

    Where does it explain how a person who is not a lawyer and not a member of the only mandatory bar association in DC is selected as the "taskforce" member for lawyers and said bar association?

    No explanation on the website.

    Never said the rewrite was finished, just stacked.

    That was easy. Next.

  • Alex1207

    There is a real "shaking my head in astonishment" moment going on over at GGW.

    The self proclaimed "speaker for all that is supposedly the right" D. Alpert put together a counter letter and asked people to sign it.

    Not only is this as ridiculous as his online email effort to keep streetcars, with thousands of those emailing Gray at GGW's request not actually being District Residents, but he has done it again with this letter.

    The funny part is, you already have a large chunk of the people who have signed this counter letter to Gray who then put OUT OF DISTRICT ADDRESSES!

    I figured they would atleast be smart enough to "claim" district residency as a way to put more weight behind their demands, but they weren't even smart enough for that.

    Folks, here is a clue. If you aren't a District resident, then YOU DON'T GET A SAY IN THE MATTER, Period!

    And the level of denial among this crowd is astounding. Gray's base, the huge swath of Wards 6,7, and 8 that voted him into office, made Gable Klein and BIKE LANES their primary complaint. The city has spoken through its election. I am sorry a bunch of nosy VA and MD residents are upset about that, but you want a say in the process, then you move into the District.

    I will write the Council and Gray tonight reminding them that this is out of district activism, and non tax paying, non residents have zero say in the manner in which the District conducts this business.

  • John

    Alex1207: Looking at the signers, 95% list a DC location.

  • DC Guy

    For those complaining about the Task Force, you realize that the Committee of 100 has multiple seats at the table and has staffed every committee with resident volunteers?

  • Alex1207

    Yes John, thank you for verifying what I said that a large chunk of admitted non-district residents (who knows how many are simply lying about it for effect) are petitioning lawmakers in a jurisdiction in which they have zero authority to do so.

    GGW is usually a worthwhile source of debate about things, but they really get pretty childish and low brow by falsifying their "influence" in such a transparent and ridiculous way.

  • John

    Alex1207: 5% is "verifying a large chunk". That must be Committee of 100 NIMBY's math.

  • Alex1207


    Considering folks like you think that the 1% or 2% of all the trips taken in the district by bikes is a large number deserving of the complete attention and full budget of the District Department of Transportation, I find it odd that you discount 5% so readily.

    Odd argument you make, no?

  • John

    Alex1207: Ah, you're one of those people who when proven wrong just keeps rotating argument contexts and does non-sequeters. Good to know. I won't waste any more time on you.

  • Alex1207

    What exactly has been proven wrong? Please, enlighten us all. I suspect your inability to respond is based in lack of ability to create additional strawman.

    Its a fact, a whopping 1-2% of ALL daily trips in the District are via Bike.

    It's also a fact that there are quite a few more than 5% of the respondants to Alperts letter. I see quite a few people from Arlington, Alexandria, Annapolis, Bethesda etc, which makes the whole exercise irrelevant. DC lawmakers have no business and won't be making their decisions based on the desires of a bunch of non-voting, non residents. Period.

    Please, I'll be waiting for you to illustrate where I've been proven wrong. I won't be holding my breath.

  • John

    Last time I'll bother.


    It's now well below 5%.

  • Hppy Thxgiving NIMBYs gobblegobble

    I'm pretty sure more people have signed the GGW letter already, which has only existed since 1:39pm today, than have attended any of the Committee on 100's events in any given recent year.

    Democracy, suck on it Alex1207.

  • Green Cleveland Park

    I wonder about Gabe's management skills and experience, but do want to praise Fenty's speed hump program. When the first street in Cleveland Park got them, a few speeding soreheads tried to get drivers to honk their horns to intimidate residents to petition their removal. (One guy who ran - and lost - for a local association office called that "effective communication," which I guess is better than murder - like what happened with Va. speed humps.) But this juvenile behavior stopped and in fact several more streets have since been made safer by getting speed humps. And I understand that DDOT is considering even more traffic calming measures from its "tool kit." So on that score, DDOT, keep up the good work!

  • Jan

    @Alex1207: Just want to debate your comments a little.

    Point 1. You say "1% or 2% of all the trips taken in the district by bikes is a large number deserving of the complete attention and full budget of the District Department of Transportation". The "Full" budget? ~ 200 million. Really? Where's your proof of that? Are you claiming something that's not true? Let's stick to facts now, shouldn't we? I'm open to your thoughts if you can show me the link to that fact.

    Point 2. If are not already aware, district residents already don't get a major say in what happens here. I recall it's something big, like, eh, about voting rights, and guns, or one with or without the other, or something like that :) This is the real issue you should be mad about, not about what you perceive people are or are not truthfully writing down in an open letter to an advocacy organization. If you haven't taken it yet, you should: the 2010 US citizenship test actually asks what is one of 10 ways a US Citizen can participate in a democracy. You know what one of those correct answers is? It's "publicly support or oppose an issue or policy". That's what these people are doing, whether you agree with it or not, and whether you think they are telling the truth about where they live, or not.

    Point 3: You say "the huge swath of Wards 6,7, and 8 that voted him into office, made Gable Klein and BIKE LANES their primary complaint." Ok, so it asked on the ballet "My biggest complaint is:" and people answered that it was bike lanes. Really? or Did Gray say he's running for office mainly because he doesn't like bike lanes? Can you show me some links to prove that? I'd like to see it and read it. I'm open to agreeing with you if you can show me this.

    Point 4: You say "The PA avenue bike lanes that went in without planning or study...". Where is your proof that they went in without study? When something doesn't work out to your satisfaction, does that necessarily mean there wasn't any planning? I can come up with a million things that had way too much planning that still didn't work out. Washcycle is right, PA lanes were in the planning beginning in 2005. I think that's something, like, eh, planning, no?

    Come on Alex. You want to debate, then fine, stick to facts. You may think that Klein is not qualified, so stick to the reasons why he's not qualified, but to make factual errors, is well, not adding to anything.

  • Contrarian

    WashCycle is right the bicycle planning and lane installations started well before Klein thanks to the yeoman's work of Jim Sebastian (and he continues to do so)

    The put it in mentality of the speed hump program has missed on very important point -- response time for fire and EMS trucks -- that is a life/death issue that has been ignored with the "new" approach at lest in the Williams administration they had a chance to comment.

    Let's see it was DDOT work on Conn. Ave that dropped concrete onto the platform of Farragut North.

    Lastly, internally agency management to deliver projects is a mess with fiefdoms in planning, infrastructure and operations. [consulting firms would tell you this but it would be WAY off record so as not to endanger their work]Look at the projects from inception to delivery, change orders and the like. Look at the transit signal priority project on GA Ave, which "kinda" works but really doesn't advantage transit. Look at the pavement condition indicies, we headed for pothole city again. The basic work-a-day stuff bread and butter stuff is not happening very well at all. In addition, there is no one there that can work the financials aggressively since Tangherlini left.

    Klein just simply doesn't know enough and there are better alternatives.

  • Alex1207

    Hehehe...well done Jan. Acting like a petualnt child in the face of factual information doesn't do "your argument" any good. I would have figured since you were porting to this page, you had access and the ability to use the tubes of the google net. I guess not.

    Point 1. http://cfo.dc.gov/cfo/frames.asp?doc=/cfo/lib/cfo/budget/fy2011/council/volume_3_agency_chapters_part_ii_web.pdf

    Budget reduced to 103 million. I was wrong on this. It was much higher prior to the recession as you can see. He as a street vendor is still not qualifed to run such a large agency with such a large budget. Period.

    Point 2:

    DC residents don't get Congressional representation, we DO get local representation via the officials we, the RESIDENTS of the District of Columbia vote for. You can get all indignant and libertarian as you wish but it doesn't change the fact that non-dc residents get ZERO say in how the DC elected officials conduct their business. DC residents don't get to demand anything from VA or MD jurisdictions, and vice-versa. I am sorry I had to teach this to you, something you shoudl have learned in a basic grade school civics class, but thats the way it is. You want to demand the elected mayor of dc do something, then become a resident of DC. Otherwise, your demand is worthless.

    Point 3:


    One of many articles written on the subject. Also tons of TV coverage and rallys with the anti fenty crowd using bike lanes and dog parks as ammo. Simply because you didn't pay attention during the campaign doesn't excuse you for not knowing.

    Point 4:

    Well, golly gee. They were 2 days from opening and then "whoops" closed until further notice. A few months later they were redesigned and redone. Below is DDOT director admitting their mistake. And I don't care if the plan to put bike lanes was 25 years old, it doesn't remove the responsibility of study, engineering and review of whomever is actually putting them in years later. Klein was the one who put the lanes in and poorly. Hence, his mistake and he admits it on DDOT's own website. Its time you do too.


    And lastly, you can clearly see that more than a hundred NON DC residents have signed on to their letter. Well more than 5%, more like 15%.

    Don't worry. I won't expect you to conduct yourself as an adult and apologize. Its ok.

  • Matty

    Who is this Alex1207? Identify yourself, please!

  • dynaryder

    @Alex1207: can you please cite where speed humps have been removed? I live in the Cleve Park/Cathedral area,and while I've seen numerous humps added,I've yet to see one removed.

  • Jan

    Point 1: You missed the point. No surprise.
    Point 2: Duh. Like I didn't know that. I'm a DC resident too. I never disagreed with you on this. I was channeling your frustration. Instead you can only use name calling as an insult. You lose credibility when you debate like that.
    Point 3: Sorry, I don't agree. I did pay attention, and LACK of JOBS was the main complaint, and something Gray made sure people were aware that's the issue he was running on. http://www.vincegrayformayor.com/jobs Bike lanes and dog parks were secondary, certainly not the primary part of what he was running on, and not the main reason people want change. That was my point.
    Point 4: You're admitting there was planning. That would make you wrong. Penn Ave execution, I agree, could have been better, but there was review and planning,as he states as well. I'm not defending Klein, I'm mainly pointing your overly broad statements are not always true.

    I agree with Contrarian about the Fire/EMS issue and the speed bumps.

  • http://www.myspace.com/raynardthaxman/blog offthahook08

    Anything with the word "Smart" or "Sustainable" I run in the opposite dierction... Those words mean death and depopulation through orwellian regulations... Try living off of 10 gallons of water a day (thats coming)... Google Agenda 21... Wake UP!!!!!!!

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