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Morning Links: Things to Know

(Long and Foster)

There's a human behind that automated real estate site. [Urbanturf]

Calling all would-be cafe-starters. [L4L]

Citizens Association of Georgetown makes upzoning a debate. [GM]

D.C. home prices to decline 9 percent in five years? [SmartMoney]

Things to know when foreclosed upon. [Examiner]

All about the Comp Plan. [GGW]

Today on the market: Got two rigs?

  • Eric

    Since when are area prices even declining? The website says there's a ~51% risk of a decline, but my guess is that the decline would be led by a large decline in the outer suburbs (you heard me, Loudoun and Prince William), and a smaller increase in the inner burbs and DC proper.

  • Paula Product

    The SmartMoney map only seemed to be stating that there was about a 50% chance of decline in the near term, not predicting how much it might be. The 1-year and 5-year price changes they list for various cites were the observed price changes over the *past* year and 5 years.