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Doug Jemal, Homebody

Jemal in the Waffle Shop (which he owns). (Courtesy of Douglas Development.)

Downtown real estate mogul Douglas Jemal, newly filtered by P.R. firm 360jmg, listed his top five favorite District hangouts for Cultural Tourism DC. The main criteria? Either be within a five-block radius of his house, or be owned by him, or both. In Jemal's own words:

1. 702 H Street, NW: My office and home where I spend a great deal of time.

2. Calvary Baptist Church: I pass by this church daily when walking my dog. I love the spiritual value it adds to the community, and they give back to the neighborhood offering a soup kitchen to the area homeless.

3. Old Woody’s Building (Woodard & Lothrop): I own the building and I am so happy it has been brought back to life!

4. Fro-Zen-Yo: On F Street: I love it for obvious reasons! – Ed. note: He may like the yogurt, but it's also his tenant.

5. District ChopHouse: Douglas Development was in charge of the development. It is the first restaurant downtown before the Verizon Center and revamp of the Chinatown area.

  • DC Voter

    Hey Doug, heres a shout out to your new P.R. firm! I am hoping they can get behind the new "Places from Which You Can See the Douglas Development Sign District" idea that is gaining cred. All it will take is for you to convince your good buddy Jack to slough off a cool 3/4 million or so for the "consultants" and well, as they say, it will be banners up!

    With the imposition of the new "Mid-City Arts District" gerrymandered on the cityscape there will be all kinds of little pockets of urbana left off the grid. As has been noted a unifying element of these lost niranas is that from most of them one can see the Douglas Development sign. If anyone can make this happen you can Doug. You have that "can banner" spirit!

    Banners Up!

  • Concerned

    It is kind of offensive that the city has a half million dollars to put up banners. What is this, the Olympics? Chances are the banner are coming from Virginia but who will ever know. Dog parks, banners, dem white folks sure got some strange ideas how to squander money in a financial crisis.

    For a half million Doug Jemal would have gotten three councilmen and a whole bunch of DC employees.

  • Matt

    Woodies not Woody's

  • Randy Simpson

    DC Voter -- You sir are a complete & total clown.

  • http://FreeOpenU.org Scott Provost

    I get it. The man is so bad that an unprofessional derogatory sarcasm article like this is appropriate or even desired.

    Are any of you willing to bring Free Open University to DC for the poor to get a free college education? , , , I didn't Think-so.

    Do any of you support a soup kitchen that draws crime ridden homeless people near your home and community? , , , I didn't think-so.

    PUT UP or SHUT UP>

  • http://dcvacantproperties.blogspot.com ed

    Doesn't seem like anyone else on the DCInsider's blog at Cultural Tourism DC:
    is a "developer",
    owns many rundown vacant buildings,
    owes $10 million in real estate taxes (not including vacant property taxes his many vacant building never get charged),
    somehow always skirts the law (for example, the illegal billboards and vacant property taxes),
    or is a felon.
    Just the facts.

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