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Barnes Dance Coming to New Jersey and M SE

Coming soon to Navy Yard.

The results aren't all in yet for the pedestrian crossing pattern at 7th and H Street NW known as a Barnes Dance, but the District Department of Transportation is already trying it again somewhere else: New Jersey and M Streets SE, right next to the U.S. Department of Transportation headquarters. The intersection has gotten hairier in the last few years, both as commuters cross from the subway station to work at the DOT during rush hour and to get to the Nats Stadium before and after games. Plus, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood himself was "really, really worried" about his employees' safety after two people were struck near that very intersection in April and August.

George Branyan, DDOT's pedestrian safety guy, says the dancing should start after the new year.

Incidentally, I am writing about pedestrian safety this week! If you have any thoughts or information that I should absolutely consider, please send it along: ldepillis@washingtoncitypaper.com

  • Paul

    At 7th and H Streets NW all turns right or left have been banned at all times. Because the street grid is so tightly nested in that part of downtown you can still recover this inconvenience by turning one block later. Or as I do, just avoid driving on 7th Street at all as 6th Street has less traffic anyway.

    At this New Jersey and M Street SE intersection I don't think the Barnes dance should disallow turns at all times. The street grid has less connectivity here thus forbidding turns will cause greater chaos. New Jersey is one of the few streets that connect Near Southeast with the area north of the highway.

  • Jeff


    Another option is to take transit or ride a bike.

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