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Morning Links: Veterans Day

(Dillon Crew)

Smartbike didn't fail, it just wasn't as good as CaBi. [Washcycle]

Should commercial property owners pay more for roads? [Examiner]

Giant announces–again–it's coming to 3rd and H NE. [TBD]

There must be a lot of problems with bed bugs in this town. [WTOP]

Moratorium talk continues on 8th Street SE. [THIH]

National Harbor sounds really boring. [Urbanturf]

JJ's metro map innovation! [PoP]

Somehow not surprised that Park Service "public meeting" on Washington Monument security was a farce. [Post]

Today on the market: Nice-looking Anacostia renovation.

  • John

    National Harbor gives me the willies.

  • crin

    That Anacostia house is new construction. The house on the right is a renovation after it was nothing more than a facade for the last 5 years.

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