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Four Months Later, Sixth Months Longer, But Sherman Avenue WIll Be Irrigated

Imagine a fancy median.

The Sherman Avenue streetscape project is finally getting rolling this week, in what DDOT director Gabe Klein says will transform a "barren raceway prioritizing just cars" into a "beautiful, tree-lined residential street with wide sidewalks, shorter crosswalks and bike lanes in both directions." Good news, to be sure, especially considering that project was supposed to have started in June. But wait–back then, it was also supposed to cost $10 million, not $12.5 million as it will now; it'll also take two years, instead of 18 months as originally planned. What gives?

According to DDOT, they had a bit more trouble pinning down the funding–much of which comes from federal stimulus funds–than they had anticipated. Plus, it took longer to design an irrigation system for the center median, so plantings won't have to be watered by trucks. The winning bid for construction came in at $9.5 million, and project management will cost three million on top of that.

So, now you know: A later, longer, and more expensive project, but a better one.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    damn right. the irrigation is worth its weight in gold.

    imagine if they had done this on north capitol between michigan and hawaii. there would be maturing trees there, and it would be a tree lined boulevard, not a pseudo-freeway.

  • DCDem

    This is not going to be a priority in a 500 million dollar deficit recessionary environment. Look for this project to be tabled in January and any allocated funds to be moved to close the deficit gap.

    It is a sad reality, but a reality all the same. Same thing for the street car project.

    The District is just now starting to feel the pain that the states have felt for the last 3 years.

    We have no more reserves that are not obligated. We cannot present a budget with deficits to Congress, it must be balanced. Thus, we are facing dramatic cutbacks in favored projects.