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ANC Results of Note

Now that the dust has settled over at BOEE–all you teeth-gnashing overnight should have just gone to bed and waited for the morning, honestly!–let's look at some of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission races that have been relevant to Housing Complex's world (this isn't comprehensive–if I haven't mentioned a race, that doesn't mean it's not important).

In ANC 1A, Park View blogger Kent Boese is now a commissioner, while neither Jim Graham staffer Calvin Woodland nor Graham foe William Jordan ran for reelection.

In ANC 1B, Aaron Spencer topples ABRA committee chairman Peter Raia, who was moving out of the single member district anyway (new bars, look out for a new ANC contact). Raia foe Brianne Nadeau bows out.

In ANC 1C, Mindy Moretti, former Ward 1 Council candidates Bryan Weaver and Nancy Shia, library activist Chris Otten all gone.

In ANC 1D, chairman Gregg Edwards keeps his seat (defeating Mount Pleasant Main Streets' Phil Greiner) as does pal Jack McKay; D.C. bicycle ambassador Ben West, Laura Phelan, and Tommy Wells staffer China Terrell join the fun.

In the only contested race in ANC 2B, Ramon Estrada–scourge of noisy bars everywhere–fends off smart growth insurgent Sunit Talapatra.

In ANC 2C, Kevin Chapple cruises to victory over challenger Leroy Thorpe, which must be some consolation to Convention Center Community Association president Martin Moulton, who failed to take out Doris Brooks in her run for reelection against Rickey Williams (UPDATE, Thursday 6:45 a.m.: See Moulton's account of the event here.)

In ANC 3E, Greater Greater Washington and Ward 3 Vision favorite Tom Quinn beats Sally Greenberg.

In ANC 5C, Tim Clark squeaks out a win over Denise Wright, James Fournier ousts Barrie "The Commish" Daneker, and Jioni Palmer replaces Marshall Phillips. This ANC could see some change.

In ANC 6B, Kirsten Oldenburg survives a challenge from transparency crusader Larry Janezich, as does Neil Glick from Laura McSorley–by nine votes!–but another reformer, Brian Pate, defeats Ken Jarboe.

In ANC 6D, David "DG-Rad" Garber knocks off Robert Siegel, and chairman Ron McBee survives a challenge from Mary Williams.

In ANC 8E, Sandra Seegars had no challenger, but Kay Armstead–who has led Highland Dwellings residents in their resistance to the Housing Authority's relocation efforts–was defeated, 53 percent to 44 percent.

  • Skipper

    The revenge of Big Bear in ANC 5C!

  • SG

    As annoying as ANCs generally are, I do love our city's version of almost direct, hyperlocal democracy.

    Great roundup!

  • DCCommish

    I want to thank all those who supported my re-elect! Your support over the past 4 years has been warmly felt. I'd like to take this opportunity to Congratulate Mr. Fournier! I extend my best wishes that his leadership, representation and most importantly his vote will speak for the majority of residents of 5C07, while protecting the interests of those in our community who are in the minority. It's time to ensure outside special interest groups and their agendas are not pushed forward as Ward 5 develops, changes and grows, rather putting people first! Congrats again to Mr. Fournier, best wishes!

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    teeth-gnashing? maybe i should have gone to bed earlier... :)

  • joan

    Leroy 'Loser' Thorpe!

  • Watchdog

    And another contest of note: Congratulations to Rachelle Nigro for winning a seat on ANC2c.

  • http://dcjack.org Jack

    "In ANC 1D, chairman Gregg Edwards keeps his seat (defeating Mount Pleasant Main Streets’ Phil Greiner) as does pal Jack McKay; D.C. bicycle ambassador Ben West, Laura Phelan, and Tommy Wells staffer China Terrell join the fun."

    No, Ben West isn't necessarily the next 1D01 commissioner. Opinion here is that Yasmin Romero won the write-in contest, giving us a strong Latina voice on the commission. Overlooked here was Angelia Scott, who prevailed over a write-in challenge by John Craig. Also, it might be noted that Laura Wilson-Phelan was initially challenged by Main Street head Adam Hoey, who withdrew his challenge only hours before Election Day.

  • http://twitter.com/kcivey KCinDC

    Looks like the write-in effort against Tom Smith in 3D02 by AU students was an utter failure.

  • CityScoop

    This story missed the biggest upset of the evening. ANC ANC 8D07 three-term incumbent and opponent of the reconstructed Washington Highlands Library, Theresa Howe Jones, was defeated by Dionne Brown, President of Friends of Washington Highlands Library. The outcome was in spite of Marion Barry's office enlisting union workers to campaign for Commissioner Jones' campaign.

  • Kingman Park Resident

    Lisa White won the ANC SMD 7D01 race against long time incumbent (16 years) Veronica Raglin.
    Lisa White won almost 60% of the vote....the community of Kingman Park has spoken!

  • Allison

    All too often, and indeed here regarding the ANC races, your characterizations about the people involved are inaccurate. Perhaps you're trying to look clever, but the net result is we can't rely on your reporting.

  • Steve Mudd

    I agree with Allison about the innacuracies and attempts at cleverness.
    A little fact checking - for example, with the Board of Election list of ANC write-in candidates - would have yielded some facts. Yasmin Romero filed with the Board of Elections on October 29th as a write-in candidate in ANC1D-01. She became the first write-in candidate in 1D to file with the Board of Elections. I don't know if this list is published on-line. I've found the staff there very helpful, and will check information for you. The list was posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of BEE and copies were available at their counter by request.

    Someone familiar with ANC1D would know that Edwards and McKay are colleagues often in disagreement.

    City Paper used to go in depth and take readers along on a well-researched journey. Perhaps

  • Steve Mudd

    Perhaps... I should be more careful before hitting submit comment and perhaps I am living and breathing Mount Pleasant a little too much. Sorry