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New Neighborhood: FRINJ?

The District has its share of made-up neighborhood names in between established areas–just ask the Borderstan folks–and Housing Complex just received a novel suggestion for another. You know the intersection of Florida, Rhode Island, and New Jersey Avenues? Reader David Feinstein, who works for the brand consulting firm Beveridge Seay, thinks it doesn't quite fit into LeDroit Park, Bloomingdale, Shaw, or Truxton Circle. So, he suggests an acronym: FRINJ. As in, hey, want to go hang out in FRINJ?

I dunno, it's catchy. We probably won't start using it in regular parlance yet, but being believers in neighborhood self-determination, might reconsider if there were a groundswell of support.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    this idea needs to be smothered in the crib before it has a chance to grow up and terrorize the world.

  • http://www.borderstan.com mattyillini

    @IMGoph: LOL

  • andy

    i dunno - doesn't have the same ring as "by the old Frazier Funeral Home."

  • Michael E. Grass

    NewYoFla West?

  • John

    Um. No. This is worse than when someone tried to get support to rename the area by Politics and Prose "Tobago". And from a brand consulting firm no less. Do your business a favor and pay Lydia to take this post down ASAP.

  • Michael E. Grass

    @John: NewYoFla West was a joke.

  • http://www.jimbo.info/weblog jimbo

    Someone please stop the hipsters from making up new retarded names for neighborhoods.

  • Wassup

    Have Jack Evans funnel a cool 1/2 Mil to Carol Felix, Deputy Dawg Dicksen, and their cronies and we can have some cool banners made up!

  • http://tumblr.stereoj.am stereojam


  • FRINJ Mayor Sammy

    It was no hipster who came up with the name FRINJ but a right wing southern nut from Atlanta... who resides in the heart of the FRINJ itself.

  • FRINJ Mayor Sammy

    O, and no hipsters allowed in the FRINJ.

  • FRINJ Mayor Sammy



    Brilliant! Come to the FRINJ - spend your money! FRINJ FRINJ FRINJ!


    Behave you pessimists

    HEY....FRINJ rocks...and it came from a young liberal Huntsville, Alabama dude...and I went to an opening at a way cool architects office W&D in the 410 Good Buddy!Space.
    F.R.I.N.J. rules and so do the neighbors!!! Go Howard Theatre, Big Bear and New York Pizza joint. Happening Hoods in the Nations Capitol. BE proud and embrace!

  • Glen ‘The FRINJ Man’ Beck

    The FRINJ neighborhood is in intending as a Tea Party Safe Zone. A place for Real Americans to relax and be self rightious after a long day of hating down on the mall.

  • JLucas8

    This is sounding very much like DoWiSewTrePla...and we all know how that turned out.

  • Ben

    I'm a fan of doing what real estate agents do, and naming every neighborhood based upon its proximity to Dupont Circle.

    i.e. "DuLo" (Logan Circle, east of 14th Street) or "DuShLogan" (Shaw, basically) and DuAdMo (the area around Florida, 18th and U street)

    So, in this case, I'd recommend DuNeast (Dupont Northeast). Now, sit back and watch the real estate values climb...

  • Paul


    DoWiSewTrePla = Down Wind from the Sewage Treatment Plant


  • Veronica S

    No and no. No offense, but as a Washingtonian, the neighborhood names are enough... this isn't NYC and I'm glad about it.... FRINJ sounds as ridiculous as NOMA (in the normal world, this is the National Organization of Minority Architects)....

    Move on, people


    As a Washingtonian, you have absolutely no say in this and we will not listen to you. You don't even have a house vote. Please leave the naming of neighborhoods to my sidekick, the sherif of the Frinj itself, Jimbo, who in fact is a true free American from the state of Alabama.

  • JJ

    Best Acronym since DUMBO

  • Trungpham

    Talk video free