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Suggested Bus Routes

Chinatowns have been linked by bus lines for over a decade. The bus market has gotten more crowded in recent years, and now we have the so-called Hipster Express from U Street to Atlantic Terminal (now unpolluted by Manhattan!). But why stop there? Ours is an age of convenience. For you transportation entrepreneurs, we have a few suggestions of identity-appropriate lines that would give you a competitive edge. For would-be New York-D.C. migrants, if you're feeling unrepresented by our ideas, feel free to leave your desired routes in the comments.

(And yes, Frank Rich and other Washingtonians-turned-New York boosters, we know there's just no comparison between the two cities. We don't want to hear it.)

Analogous regions of New York City await! (Lydia DePillis)

Analogous regions of New York City await! (Lydia DePillis)

  • Columbia Heights — Williamsburg: The Real Hipster Express
  • Golden Triangle — Midtown: The Dudes in Suits Line
  • Cleveland Park — Upper West Side: The Bagel Run (starts at now-closed Whatsa Bagel on Connecticut Avenue, terminates at Zabar's)
  • Petworth — Flatbush: Special Caribbean Carnival line, only runs the weekend before July 4th (for the D.C. carnival) and around Labor Day (for the New York one)
  • Dupont Circle — Chelsea: The Rainbow Ride
  • Glover Park — Murray Hill: The Post-Collegiate Express
  • Bloomingdale — Fort Greene: The Baby Carriage
  • U Street — Harlem: The Busboys Bus
  • Penn Quarter — Tribeca: The Chain Store Chariot
  • Cato Institute (10th and Massachusetts) — Manhattan Institute (44th and Madison): Dork Bus, Right Wing Edition
  • Center for American Progress (15th and H) — CUNY Grad Center (35th and 5th): Dork Bus, Left Wing Edition
  • …done

    Prince William Co - Staten Island

  • FrankfurtFreddie

    H Street - Alphabet City: The "Wait...the nearest station is HOW far away??" Line