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City Clearing Out Parcel 42

As Sommer Mathis reported yesterday, the city gave the few people still living on the contested space at 7th and R Streets NW a 15-day warning period to pack up and go elsewhere. This morning is the 16th day, and a reader sends in pictoral proof that the Man has made good on his word.

The whole episode has brought out some really ugly sentiments on both sides: On the one hand, campers who accuse neighbors and the administration of not caring about poor people, and on the other, a few neighbors who claim to speak for the community in saying the "squatters" and "trespassers" should be kicked out.

However you feel about people camping out on city-owned land where a planned residential development has stalled, it's sad to see a space simply become empty and unused again. Here's hoping that Shaw can figure out some kind of public interim use on that gravelly desert while the credit markets keep sorting themselves out.

(Photo by reader who wishes to remain anonymous)

(Photo by reader who wishes to remain anonymous)

  • AP

    So...the City lets a bunch of protesters/squatters come in, set-up camp for a few months, break all sorts of zoning and residential code regulations, and then my tax dollars have to go to cleaning up the mess they left behind. Now that is some BS.

  • DCexpat

    Vote for Sommer!

  • Rick Mangus

    Good Bye ASS HOLES!

  • HillChris

    AP: welcome to DC!

    "contested space?" that's giving these people waaaaay too much credit.

  • Mike Miles

    What happened? Didn't ONE DC launch a tent city only to see it so taken over by very scruffy bunch, they pulled out? Then homeless started camping out and it seemed pretty Wild West when I saw it in August and September. Did anything change? Was affordable housing commitment won? Or was it posturing, smoke?
    And what is happening with ONE DC? Their two organizers are gone and no one seems to know where they're working on now.

  • Sally

    What a pathetic protest. And of course, they stick someone else with the job of having to clean up the mess.