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Anybody Want a Kiosk?

Imagine the possibilities! (Lydia DePillis)

Imagine the possibilities! (Lydia DePillis)

Back in 2008, the D.C. Public Library decided to close five neighborhood kiosks, the tiny one-room libraries set up during the 1970s in some of the city's poorer neighborhoods to increase access to books where full-service libraries didn't yet exist. Many of those neighborhoods were getting new libraries, the Board reasoned, and the kiosks weren't very well-used anyway.

So for the last two years, with the exception of the run of the Temporium at the R.L. Christian kiosk on H Street N.E., the little buildings–also on Benning Road, in Deanwood, near Sursum Corda, and in Takoma Park–have sat empty, now in the portfolio of the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, which has decided they have no public function (and no money to do anything anyway). But sometime in the not-too-distant future, DMPED will be putting together a "request for expressions of interest," as the first step in awarding long-term leases to entities with the wherewithal to put them to use.

What to do with a kiosk? Hot dog stand? Aviary? Holding pen for deviant children? The possibilities are endless.

  • Dr Pangloss

    Not sure I understand these things. What's the purpose of a "public library" if there's no sink for the homeless to take a bath in?

  • Lu-Ann K. Patrick

    I am interesting in obtaining a Kiosk; and,would like to know if financial assistance is available. My goal is to utilize this Kiosk stand to supply viable resource to empower families with viable resources in the Ward 4 vicinity such as: employment resources, education and training programs, etc. Please follow up with me via e-mail correspondence.

  • http://www.om-ob.com Darryl Harris

    I'm looking for office space for my company and a Kiosk would be great for me as a small business with limited finance to buy a building.

    I would like to know if DC Public Library will be selling the kiosk or renting them out, or if selling what finance is in place