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Morning Links: In the Wings

(Lydia DePillis)

(Lydia DePillis)

Why do drugstores pop up everywhere? They're the safest real estate bet you can make. [WBJ]

Medical Marijuana dispensary proposed for Georgia Avenue. [ParkViewDC]

Sports bar for 5th and Florida NW? [TBD]

Plans shift for more residences, fewer offices at 4th and M SE. [JDLand]

Rent control is an "expensive, inefficient solution." [WBJ]Georgetown campus rags grill President DeGioia. [Vox Pop]

Today on the market: Lots of potential in near Southeast.


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    That lot for sale is not in near southeast (although it does have lots of potential!), it's at 14th and K Street southeast - please post the link so maybe someone will buy it...

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