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Morning Links: Information Gaps

3k43mf3l85O45U05X1a91d922fee4657e10beGiant waffles on 3rd and H location. [WBJ]

Anyone got an extra billion dollars for Metro? [Post]

What happens when rent regulations get really far away from market prices. [NYT]

Parking thinker takes down Cato hack. [Streetsblog]

How lack of information–or at least an unwillingness to believe certain information–slows down development in poor areas. [Yglesias]

Sometimes trees are problematic. [Post]

Blocky shiny orange metal mural thingy coming temporarily to Anacostia. [AndNowAnacostia]

A foodie pie chart for Georgetown. [GeorgetownMetropolitan]

Today on the market: $30,000 price chop on 17th Street SE.

  • John

    You had me thinking someplace was selling huge waffles on Hstreet.