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Hey Al Sharpton, You Listening?

Yesterday, Southland Concrete workers rallied outside the United Forensics Laboratory construction site–complete with bullhorn-wielding councilmember Phil Mendelson!–in the first high-profile protest of the company's treatment of workers. Tomorrow, the Reverend Al Sharpton will give a speech at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial site to commemorate the 47th anniversary of the civil rights leader's "I Have a Dream Speech." The United Construction Workers are calling on Sharpton to holler at Southland to make the company acknowledge the workers' right to organize.

Video courtesy of Michael Blain.

  • Rick Mangus

    A fine propaganda film worthy of Lenin, Marks and Stalin next time speak ENGLISH!

  • Lisa Mante

    Rick, your an idiot.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Lisa Mantle', your a mindless fool!

  • Julio escobar

    I agree I used to work for southland for 5 years it's a shame that majority of the Latinos cannot voice their opinion due to lack of English but the company itself Would use the intimidation factor on the employees ..forcing them into a corner knowing they can't get away from ..I remember back when I was a laborer there was this carpenter and he wanted to join union along with many others but the super at the jobsite was incompetent anyway but called the big boys of the company an personally came down and literally press the fact that if they left they would pay...now imagine for someone that doesn't know English?, pretty unfair on my book but that's another reaso. Why I left the company with pay cuts and no raises I became an engineer ..with an hourly rate of 12.50 and when I asked them for a raise they would always give me the reun-around ...ultimately saying no we can't (we won't).

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