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The Cupcake Premium

(Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake)

(Courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake)

Every once in a while, Craigslist delivers a sign of our times. Today, it does so in the form of an ad for office space on Potomac Street in Georgetown, headlined "$650 Escape Downtown – Enjoy Georgetown Cupcake (Potomac & Prospect Streets)".

Nevermind that the it's just next to Georgetown Cupcake's office, not its retail store. Or that Quick Pita across the street is really a much more desirable neighbor. The Craigslister is a government relations consultant, he understands marketing. And Georgetown Cupcake is marketing gold.

Which reminds me of a remark from Alex Brown, owner of Riccardi's, the departing Italian suit store on M Street I visited last month. He said that with business lagging, his landlord's agent had told him he should learn from the cupcake shop, which consistently has lines around the block.

"We don't sell cupcakes," Brown protested, in his Iranian accent. "If I sell cupcake, everybody sell cupcake, then who's going to sell designer clothing?"

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  • AJ

    Georgetown Cupcake used to be a cool neighborhood shop with a national draw, now it's a place to get cupcakes (only and only if you order ahead so you don't have to wait in that obnoxious line) and get your dash of media-whoring. Don't get me wrong the sisters must be marketing mavens, I just wish they would share the wealth or figure out away for it not to disrupt residents and other local businesses so.