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Barry Lifts Hold on DDOT’s Move to New Digs

DDOT will be arriving shortly. (Monument Realty)

DDOT will be arriving shortly. (Monument Realty)

The Department of Real Estate Services tells me that Councilmember Marion Barry has dropped his disapproval resolution on the District Department of Transportation's move to 55 M Street SE, which momentarily put the whole thing in limbo. That means the move can go forward as planned, without having to wait through another 35-day review period until reconsideration by the Council in September. (No word that Barry has granted similar clemency for Gage-Eckington Park.)

Meanwhile, don't cry for the Reeves Center, which Gabe Klein and Co. are vacating. It will henceforth be the home of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration and the Office of the Tenant Advocate, which are moving out of their offices down the way at 1250 U Street. Seeing as there's been an awful lot of musical chairs in District buildings lately, we'll have a comprehensive listing of all the moving around tomorrow.

  • Rick Mangus

    Crackatowa Barry is mad because he didn't get money under the table for this deal!

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