Housing Complex

Northrop Grumman Makes its Choice

It's an island! (Google Maps)

It's an island! (Google Maps)

After months and months of persuasion, flirtation, and secrecy, aerospace giant Northrop Grumman has selected a site just inside the Beltway on Arlington Boulevard to plop its headquarters. Faint hopes that the 300 high-rolling execs would move to a spot served by metro turned out to be a pipe dream; the location is in the curl of a vast interchange, but close to neither rail lines, nor a community for the headquarters to serve. It will be across the "street" from a Raytheon complex though. Maybe they can have mixers.

  • J

    strange choice in my opinion. I think its because of the Mcdonalds next store LOL

  • Chris

    You do realize this is all one-and-1/4 mile away from the Dunn Loring Metro station, right?