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Ruckus Saves Tree at 4th and Eye

Treehugging works. (photo from The Triangle)

Treehugging works. (photo from The Triangle)

Last week, ANC 6C commissioner Keith Silver blasted out an e-mail to local media promising to chain himself to an "historic" tree at 425 Eye Street, which was slated to be taken down as the sidewalk underwent upgrades. The Triangle subsequently picked up on his petition campaign, and tomorrow the good commissioner has scheduled a "symbolic photo" in front of the tree to protest its removal by Paramount Development Group, which is redeveloping the building to LEED Gold standard for use by Veterans Affairs.

Civil disobedience, apparently, was unecessary. Project Manager John Bone tells Housing Complex that they decided to keep the tree–which he reckons is an oak, planted when the building was constructed in the 1970s–right after hearing about the protest, even though they have approval from the Urban Forest Administration to chop it down.

"We love the environment," Bone says. "We’re going to work around it, and hopefully it can live another 100 years."

  • Blue Pen

    That's what they always say, you're right, you win. Next day, often, tree is gone. Keep an eye out.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    good on the neighborhood for fighting for this tree. hopefully this is more than a short-term victory!

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