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Morning Linkage: The Hand of the Law

Take your pick on 11th Street. (Lydia DePillis)

Take your pick on 11th Street. (Lydia DePillis)

What happens with no height limits and ridiculous amounts of capital. [WSJ]

Law to help people living in foreclosed homes helps, but not enough. [RealEstateErama]

David Alpert dies and goes to heaven. [GGWash]

"African American sites" being preserved in PG County. [WaPo]

Peter Nickles cracks the whip on recalcitrant JBG. [WBJ]

"Daylong interaction and informational celebration of the Capitals" coming to Convention Center. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Long & Foster vs. Sotheby's.

  • Native JD in DC

    If the federal government built that Mumbai building in DC, every federal worker could walk to work.