Housing Complex

A Former D.C. Attorney General Couldn’t Save Gray’s Fence

A hammer when a scalpel will do. (Image from the Office of the Corporation Counsel)

A hammer when a scalpel will do. (Image from the Office of the Corporation Counsel)

Despite ANC 7B's forgiveness of council chairman Vince Gray's fence, the District Department of Transportation's Public Space committee ruled today that the barrier is, in fact, too high and too far over his own property line to stand.

"What we do here sets precedent," DDOT official Karina Ricks told the Post. "We try to hold very consistent, despite sympathies we might feel for property owners."

That appeared strange to Gray's attorney Robert Spagnoletti, who noted that he was "very surprised" and that "it appears the committee had made up its mind before we walked in."

The strangest thing Housing Complex, though, is that Spagnoletti–D.C's attorney general under former Mayor Anthony Williams and recent president of the D.C. Bar–would be the one brought in to defend Gray's fence. His specialty is domestic violence and sex offenses, after all, not zoning and surveys. No slight to Spagnoletti, but it seems Gray might have wanted to go for experience over name recognition.

  • DCman

    Gray, you nincompoop, fix your damn fence. I'm tired of these old time guys thinking they are above the law. He should set an example. This is why people like Marion Barry get away with runing the city. We have this attitude that some elites can do what they want.
    I tell you Gray is in for a shock if he thinks he can go anywhere near Fenty in removing him.