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Morning Linkage: Lingering Questions

Postal blue. (Lydia DePillis)

Postal blue. (Lydia DePillis)

Who knew there were such standards for becoming a tour guide? [WBJ]

Democratic senators to the rescue for Metro? [Examiner]

Time again for condo conversions? [Urbanturf]

Why does this building keep getting tax exemptions? [PoP]

Why are ribbon cutting photos so inherently awkward? [CityBizList]

Skyland Town Center inches closer towards approval. [DCMud]

Want to cut down on trash? Make people pay for it. [GGWash]

Running down the latest home price data. [RedFin]

Park at the Yards making progress! [JDLand]

Today on the market: 1505 11th Street, home of the mail men.

  • deecee foodeee

    Is 11th sreet really on the market? I have seen the "For Sale" sign up for months but no listing anywhere online...

  • deecee foodeee

    Nevermind - found it - hidden on the Woodmark properties website (google the phone number with "Woodmark" then look at all properties for sale).

    Lydia, love the blog but you should put links to the "Today on the Market" features so we can check them out!

  • Lydia DePillis

    I do try to, but on this one I could just find it on the map. Glad you're enjoying the blog, though, and I'll be sure to link to as many of the listings as I can.