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Budget Vote: Seniors Stage Sit-In at Wilson Building, Anti-Soda Taxers at the Barricades

Hell no, they won't go. (Lydia DePillis)

Hell no, they won't go. (Lydia DePillis)

Final budget negotiations are underway at the Wilson building, and this morning, advocates for a wide range of issues showed up to put a human face on their priorities.

The Save our Safety Net invasion of the Council's breakfast began shortly before 10:00 a.m., later dissolving into marching and chanting and signs. But it didn’t take long for police officers to shoo them all down to the overflow room downstairs, once Room 500 itself was filled to capacity.

A group of elderly ladies from Vida Senior Center were less willing to leave, even when an officer threatened to remove them by force. “Tranquilo,” Center director Angel Luiz Irene told the ladies. And so they sat.

They had gathered to protest the slashed grantmaking budget of the Office of Latino Affairs, which funds English literacy and health programs for diabetics at the senior center. (Just now, Chairman Vince Gray announced that it had been restored by $200,000).

“It’s very important that we have English classes!” said Severina Early, who also lost a lot of weight through the center's nutrition programs. “I would just beg the person in charge to help. That’s why we came.”

Also in attendance: Lobbyists for the beverage industry, in a last-minute attempt to head off a new form of soda tax that would extend the sales tax to cover "non-alcoholic beverages with natural or artificial sweeteners." Chris Gindlesperger, of the national American Beverage Association, backed up Ellen Valentino of the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Beverage Association in making the case. (Their hit web site didn't quite do the job).

“We believe there is no clear link between soft drinks and obesity,” Gindlesperger told Housing Complex. “To solve that issue, what you need is a comprehensive approach. Singling out our product won’t solve the problem.”

They were even joined by Kris Hart, owner of Foggy Bottom Grocery (FoBoGro), who as head of the Foggy Bottom West End Business Association has led the charge against taxing sugary drinks.

Remonstrating with the fuzz. (Lydia DePillis)

Remonstrating with the fuzz. (Lydia DePillis)

“Any kind of taxation is certainly going to end up biting us,” Hart said. “It’s a travesty. If I ran by business the way the D.C. government ran themselves, I’d have gone out of business ten years ago.”

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    As far as the morons of SOS read my comments over at 'City Desk'. As far as the senior ladies you have my support, because this city is ready to throw ALL of you under the bus!



    I wonder how many of these Latinos mostly Salvadorans/Central Americans are illegal aliens? I am tired of my tax dollars being used to benefit dam illegal aliens. I wish they would go home and take their anchor babies with them.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Ward4- you're a fucking retard. Simply because a group of protestors happen to be hispanic, you assume that they are illegal. You know who's wasting our tax-dollars, our fucking MAYOR.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    What the fuck are you going to do about it you little bitch? Complain that the immigrants are keeping your black ass down? Taking away your jobs? Your medicine? Your woman or in your case, men? You simple bitch, I'll come at you how I please cause you don't have shit.


    Fuck you Adrian and your mammy. I have 2 college Degrees, but I am tired of my tax dollars supporting illegal aliens. Since you support illegal aliens and illegal immigration like that idiot Obama, move you homo ass to El Salvador and meet you a Salvadoran man to screw you in the ass.


    Why would anyone name themselves Adrian Bent-Me Over? You must have a thing for Adrian. You seem obsessed with this man. Does his wife Michelle know you have a crush on her husband and want him to bend you over?

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Ward4, you have having to attend two colleges to get one degree doesn't count as two college degrees buddy. You aren't supporting anyone but Fenty's frat buddies. Illegals happen to be more productive than most legal blacks in DC. That's a fact. Go to any ghetto during the day and what will you see? Lazy motherfuckers sitting outside, drinking, selling drugs, playing dice, and benefitting from City funds. These are the drain on our economy, not the fucking immigrants who are willing to mow lawns, clean gutters, toilets, 10 hours a day to provide a basic living for their families. With all that education, you sure are a stupid bitch.


    You are a racist cracker. Fuck your liberal racist white ass. For the record, my ass isn't black you fucking retard. You don't know what my racial make up is. I hope you die of the virus soon you ignorant racist white motherfucker.


    I have a B.S. and Masters Degrees from Howard University and Georgetown Universities. There's a large black middle class in D.C. and in the United States, you fucking racist cracker. How many middle class educated Salvadorans, Dominicans, etc. are in the United States and are millionaires? All my black male friends are college educated. I hate racist crackers like you Adrian Bent Me Over. You would never say your racist shit to my face.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Hahaha, on tilt you little bitch. Calling me a racist is pure hypocrisy coming from you, you little bitch, but as I've always suspected, you are too stupid to realize this. And from the statistics, your black ass is more likely to die of any virus or random act of violence than I am, so go fuck yourself, you douche.



    I have a Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Howard & Georgetown Universities.

    Adrian Bent Me Over, I dare you to go on the street and say your racist remarks to those so called black thugs and live to tell it. LOL LOL


    Little white Queen Adrian Bent Me Over, you have 3 days to live, because the virus has eaten up your brain. Go pick out the pink casket you wish to be buried in. Hopefully a dog will shit on your grave.

    Illegal immigration has nothing to do with race, because they are white illegals here from Europe and illegals here from Africa and the Caribbean. The majority of illegals in D.C. are from El Salvador and other Central American countries.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Ward4, I doubt that you have a Master's from Georgetown and from what I hear, anyone can get a degree from Howard- even Sinclair Skinner did. I'll take that dare if you agree to go to Mt. Pleasant and try saying half the shit you say about immigrants there. You bitch ass would be running so fast back to Howard.

    This is my final comment to you because you're pretty fucking lame, incredibly stupid, and worst yet, a hypocritical pussy.


    Fuck you Cracker boy. I am in Mount Pleasant all the time bitch. I am a native Washingtonian, but I bet your crack ass came from the midwest. Go kill yourself you lonely piece of shit. Your problem, you can't find a man to fuck you and make you happy.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    Adrian Bent Me, you are a trouble maker. People have their opinion or views and if you don't agree with them, you should keep your negative thoughts to yourself. You seem to be a negative unhappy individual. Just my observation of your many comments on here.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Jovi- so it's ok for an asshole like Ward4 to spew his hatred of another minority group but when I do, it's the end of the world? Fuck it, fuck him, and fuck you. I'm a bitter, negative motherfucker who hates other haters. My opinions on others opinions and as result, your opinion on my opinion, is exactly that, an opinion. So, I respectfully say go fuck yourself you douche for not liking my opinion.

    Ward4- It's crazy, but I'm a native Washingtonian to. I've seen what blacks have done to this City and what whites are now doing to the City. So continue crying like a little bitch and prepare to move cause "WE TAKING OVER SON".

  • Grace Jones

    Adrian, you started with the racist remarks by referring to Ward4 ass being black. Someone saying that they don't want their tax dollars going to support illegals is their opinion. There are a lot of U.S. citizens who share these feelings. I am sure some of the Latino protesters at the Council today aren't all U.S. citizens or legal residents. I am a black woman married to a white man. We both don't support illegal immigration or welfare to lazy black or white Americans. All blacks aren't lazy by the way. There are a lot of poor white trash in America on welfare, sell drugs, use and buy drugs. Go to parts of Virginia, Maryland and you will see poor white trash living in trailer parks or hanging out on dirt roads doing illegal things.

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian is my kind of white boy.

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Grace- Ward's stupidity got the better of me. I'm biracial and I agree that not all blacks are lazy or welfare recipients (my father sure as hell wasn't). What I don't understand is how blacks especially do not see, appreciate, and sympathize with the plight of illegals. 50 years ago, this was exactly the same fight they faced. If they can't see it, it's their own stupidity. When a real economic analysis is done on the impact of illegal immigrants is done, you all will finally see that it is legal citizens, who happen to be poor, regardless of race- but in DC, the majority happens to be black- are the drain on the economy. It's not their fault exclusively. Look at our City's budget and see where the real funding goes.

    Fuck Ward4, that's still my opinion.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    What a joke!

    President Obama doesn't care about securing our borders against invasion -- 1,200 won't begin to cut it.

    Then again, he doesn't have a problem with American citizens being forced to pay for the invaders' food, shelter, healthcare, breeding, education.

    He encourages illegals to march in our streets waving their flags and making their demands.

    So his token gesture on the border is just another slap at Americans.

    And a sly wink at his amigo Calderon.

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian I take that back, you are not my kind of white boy, because you aren't what. You are a Negro like President Obama. The one drop rule still matters in the United States. Don't let your being light skin think you are white. You are still a Negro. Blacks are U.S. ctizens and have a right to be here. They were brought here against their will. Salvadorans, Mexicans, etc. are coming here by choice and the U.S. can't absorb 20 million illegals. This country is about to go under thanks to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reif with their liberal socialist bullshit.

  • Socialazier

    Ah the age old battle of blaming others. DC is a beautiful City with the potential to be a Mecca of races, incomes, creeds. It's disheartening to have dialogues where individuals ignore the real issues and instead agrue politics based on things that they are ignorant about. I hope that some day we are all able to get past the color, the accent, the origins, and focus instead on the person, what they have to say, and where we are heading...

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian I take that back, you are not my kind of white boy, because you aren’t white.

  • Five To Go

    Wow! That was a bumpy ride!

  • Ali4

    The bills in Congress will NOT address the key immigration issue, which is enforcement of the law. We were promised enforcement in return for amnesty in 1986. We got the amnesty but not the enforcement. Laws that aren't enforced aren't worth the paper they're written on and the bills in Congress would more than likely turn into ones which provide amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens and even legal immigrants but do nothing to help AMERICANS. Let Obama and BOTH parties prove us wrong by simply enforcing the laws already on the books and finishing the projects that have been started, such as the border fence, U.S. Visit, and mandatory use of eVerify and SS no-match letters.

  • GreatGranny

    What part of illegal is so hard to understand? I just cannot swim onto English shores and run right in and for years I owned two residences there? Either we are a country of laws or we are not. It is wrong for a group of individuals color them any race or nationality to take advantage and shove others aside who are doing things right. And that goes for standing in line for coffee at Starbucks or coming into this nation. It is rude, wrong, and it is breaking our laws. People who have honored our laws see this and think "What gives those people the right to choose which laws to
    break?" It is not only unfair but this government is exposing its legal citizens to terrible danger. The drug cartels are loving this playground. They are making money kidnapping, with human trafficking, and drugs.
    My heart goes out to all those around the world that do not have what we have but we will not have it long when our hospitals emergencies rooms are stuffed, our schools are stuffed, our cities look like tent cities with disregard for zoning laws, our jails are so full they are letting criminals out and now Obama's ICE guy says he is not going to process illegals because of the Arizona law? Is this nuts.
    Great I am glad Obama is finally sending some troops but 1200 is a drop in the bucket and they sure better be armed for their own protection. Drug trains are crossing armed with AK 47s and our Sheriffs have hand guns. This is not the old west down here. This is a war. 22,000 people have been gunned down, beheaded or knifed this year. 6000 in the border town Juarea alone.

    Adrian many Salvadorans and Mexicans dislike or had negative views of U.S. blacks before they came here according to a 2006 study at Duke University and UNC at Chapel Hill. Where do you get off defending illegals over black U.S. citizens? Your being mulatto doesn't make you any better than blacks, because in the U.S. you will still be considered black by the majority, unless you have caucasian features and your skin is white. You calling Ward 4 a black ass is like calling the kettle black. What do you me we are going to take over? Are you talking about whites going to take over the District? If this is what you are saying, you shouldn't say we, because you are not white.

    This old white gray haired old lady has been around for a long time on this earth. The United States is almost bankrupt and in the toliet.

  • Dr. Van Helsing

    Adrian Bent Me and the "open borders" group, including President Obama and the majority Party, recognize the opportunity to build a voting block from illegal immigrants that longer term would be provided amnesty....Studies show that newly arrived legal immigrants typically latch on to the Political Party perceived as providing the best support for "their immigrant" condition for the ensuing next two decades.....Think about it ---- the Dems get a HUGE swell of voter support going forward from those illegal aliens that they would provide a large (amnesty) Welcome Mat. This would result in a large change in America's electorate landscape and America as we know it ends --- much quicker than the slow death being perpetrated against us through the wholly inadequate management of America by our elected officials.

    I am white and I concur with Ward4NDC, D.C. or U.S. tax dollars shouldn't be used to support illegals period. D.C. At-Large Councilmember David Catania is drafting legislation to give illegal aliens in the District free healthcare. This is madness!

  • Black Omega

    Wow these are some interesting comments.

    Adrian Bent-Me please seek some mental health counseling. Are you aware Fenty closed and privatized the D.C. Department of Mental Health. More funding should be going for mental health, not a specialized office that serves one particular group.

    You seem to have problems with your being gay and non white. How can a black person make such negative comments about his own race? I guess your thinking by having a white mother makes you superior to blacks. Come back into reality, your father is a black man and this makes your black in America. Please go study some black history, because you sound very young and immature.

  • MPD White Official

    Adrian Bent-Me wrote: Ward4- It’s crazy, but I’m a native Washingtonian to. I’ve seen what blacks have done to this City and what whites are now doing to the City. So continue crying like a little bitch and prepare to move cause “WE TAKING OVER SON”.

    Adrian, I agree with Black Omega. Please seek some mental health counseling. If you are not white, how can you be taking over? You are black like Ward4NDC and at the moment blacks are still the majority in the District. You do seem to have a problem that you aren't white. I guess being both gay and black can be two negatives in society?

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    Now ladies let's keep it civil!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Everyone- please go fuck yourselves. My race seems to be a platform for you guys to avoid the real issues- Ward4 made racist, stupid comments and I responded with racist stupid comments. However, since most of you are black here, my comments strike a nerve but Ward4's doesn't? Racism is racism. I've owned up to my biases and I am prejudiced against certain types of blacks. I feel the same away about certain whites as well, case in point, Mangus. I don't agree with everything he says, but I respect the fact that's he honest to himself and admits his displeasure at others.

    Ward4 and the likes of you asses come in here riding on a fucking high horse bashing a group that is witnessing the same level of discrimination as they did 50 years ago. So fuck all of yall. I stand by my statements- there are more blacks in DC draining taxpayers monies than their are undocumented aliens. And who's the little bitch that wanted to argue the legality of what these immigrants did? You seem to forget that the US was founded by illegal immigrants and for centuries thrived on this influx of different people.

    MPD- my statement's aren't inconsistent. Who says you have to be white to be a gentrifier or a new resident. Most will deem my position as progressive and socialist, which is very much like many of the new residents who happen to be White. I never liked the ghetto, fake Christian, fake Democrat, blacks who have been my neighbors for 4 plus decades. As most of the commentators have proven here, they are stupid hypocrites.

    Good night bitches. Shout to Jesse Helms- you bitch ass cracker, keep typing away from your Mother's Arlington basement.

  • maserfentyaintnogood

    Hello Everyone,

    Can't we all just get along with one another. Nobody
    is going anywhere until death do them in. Have a good


    Illegals shouldn't get any government assistance. Adrian Bent-Me is a fucking liberal socialist idiot who wishes he or she was white.

    Does this president have the vaguest idea of the problem?
    His policy of allowing mass illegal immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens is national suicide.

    Millions of illegals have crossed over since and BECAUSE of the last amnesty twenty years ago.
    They feel they'll get amnesty again with Obama and the lunatic left of the Democratic Party running the country.

    Drug gangs from Mexican cartels cross the border with ease and roam all parts of the United States at will.

    Illegal aliens cost Arizona $2.5 billion and their schools have 150,000 students who don't speak English and who have just arrived illegally from Mexico and Central America for a free education and free health care at tax payer expense.

    California is going broke for EXACTLY the same reasons but has politicians who are too timid to fight back.

    Our country needs to have its southern border defended and what does Obama do?
    Our president sends 1,200 clerks to defend it against the millions who are crossing at will?!!!

    American needs to dump Obama and the lunatic-left Democrats who are running Congress in 2010 and 2012 before we officially become a part of Mexico.


    Adrian Bent-Me over, I am a white guy and reading most of the comments, it appears Jon Bon Jovi, Dr. Van Helsing, Great Granny, MPD White Official, Jesse Helms, Rick Mangus appear to be white.

    You need to come to terms with who and what you are. No matter how much you may think you are Caucasian, you arent' and will never be. This country is fucked up because of liberals like yourself. I don't have a problem with your being a homosexual, but you seem to be a bitter motherfucker.

  • Montgomery County Resident

    President Obama is going to send troops to the border? Did he say when? He said he was going to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, they aren't there yet...Could this be the I'll pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today?
    The next question is how close will they get? I believe that practicing war games exactly on the border may be highly effective. Hanging out in Tucson will do nothing.
    President Obama wants a path to citizenship for these criminals? Why? How about a path to their own country?
    How about enforcing the rule of law?
    For those here for decades, with growing children, permanent visitor status No voting rights, no entitlements, ever. Taxes factored on length of time here and current salary range. No fines, just back taxes.
    New folks with anchor babies are deemed illegal immigrants and sent back to their homelands. No more playing the 14th amendment or Americans for a fool.
    Replicate the fences used in Israel, they seem to be pretty effective.
    Wouldn't it be refreshing if we had a president who believed in America as a sovereign nation? Would it be nice to have a president who believed in the laws as they are written and would stand tall and uphold them?

    Adrian Bent-Me need to be committed into Saint Elizabeths Hospital for the mentally ill. This guy definitely has an identity problem with who he is. I guess he's a white boy in a black man's body wanting to come out of the closet wishing he truly was a white man.

    Adrian Bent-Me, I am of German and Polish ancestry. You do know there's a difference between immigrants and illegal immigrants. Reading Ward4NDC's comment, he was saying he didn't want to see illegal immigrants get D.C. tax dollars. Most Americans agree with Ward4NDC. Montgomery County has been flooded with illegals and they have been welcomed by the likes of Ike Leggett and the liberal Montgomery County Council.

  • Prisoner Of South Central

    The Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution was passed by both houses on 8th June and the 13th June, 1866 giving black slaves citizenship. The amendment was designed to grant citizenship to and protect the civil liberties of recently freed slaves. It did this by prohibiting states from denying or abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States, depriving any person of his life, liberty, or property without due process of law, or denying to any person within their jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

    One in every four African-Americans is out of work. Two of four are out of work in New York City. Illegal Mexicans, Salvadorans, Central Americans, Dominicans, Chinese, Russians, South Americans, Africans and dozens of other nationalities steal and undercut jobs from black Americans. Forbes Magazine, March 2004, featured a human smuggling network exceeding $7 billion annually. At three million illegal aliens crossing US borders each year, it’s taking a shocking toll on Black America.

    Los Angeles is now in the hands of Mexicans with over two million illegals overwhelming the city. Already, high school race riots among blacks and Mexicans are common. The school atmosphere is one of ethnic violence growing by the day. You can see illegal aliens proudly displaying back car window stickers that read, “F**K YOU! THIS IS MEXICO!” These are not people coming to America to invest in the American Dream.

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian Bent-Me wrote: Good night bitches. Shout to Jesse Helms- you bitch ass cracker, keep typing away from your Mother’s Arlington basement.

    Did I make the Negro angry by pulling his card. Adrian Bent-Me kill yourself. Sorry, I don't live in Arlington, Virginia. However, it's been said you are insane and have the HIV virus. I hope to see you soon in the after life.

  • Socialazier

    You people are all pathetic. ABM seems to be the only sane one in the group. You all are as racist and in some instances much more racist as he is. Hitler would be proud.

    There is no difference between an illegal immigrant and an undocumented immigrant, except their original birth country. Illegals aren't the problem with this country, it's the fact that we have such tension between races and groups here.

  • Adrian Bent-Met

    Come at me with whatever you want because thus far none of you have been able to reach me. You all have attacked me when you thought I was white, calling me all sort of proper names. You all then attacked me when you thought I was black or mulatto or whatever, calling me even better names. It just goes to show how stupid you all really are. Blacks hates Immigrants because of the perception that immigrants are taking away something from them (jobs, opportunity, etc.) while Whites hates Blacks because they think blacks are taking away something from them (taxpayers money, sexuality). You people are all losers and worst off than I’ll ever be. No need to shout out anyone in particular because, and I hope to God this isn’t true, you are all one and the same, bitter bitches who blame everyone else for their own personal shortcomings. I dislike whites and blacks equally because of this... So, as eloquently as you wanna take it- GO FUCK YOURSELVES BITCHES

  • Jesse Helms

    It's that all you got gay Negro. I am beginning to think Adrian Bent-Me over, you are not a Negro, but a spic instead. As stated, there's a difference between immigrant and illegal aliens. Immigrants immigrated to the U.S. legally and illegal aliens crossed our porous borders illegally.

    I understand why your brain is fried Adrian Bent-Me over. Your having the AIDS virus have caused you to go mad. Remember you are a homosexual and God see homosexuality as a sin, therefore you will go to "HELL" where you belong soon Adrian Bent-Me. Good riddance to your crazy bitter homo ass.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    I'm staying out of this one!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    Helms- this is even bad for your standards. You have no fucking idea what race I am, so you're throwing all kinds of shit at me, but look at your initial post supporting me, ahahaha, you fucking loser. This makes you the worst yet. Ward4 was just a little stupid, you're full on retarded. And why the homo reference? You itching for something? Not my cup of tea but to each his own.

    You're just a little dick white boy, confused and leaving in your mamma's basement. You're angry about not getting into Ibiza last week and watched all those gangsta's stroll past you with 6 white girls on each arm. You'll always be a little bitch. If you didn't hate Ward4 for being black, I would say the two of you bitches should start a loser club together.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    On the other hand after reading the stupid and moronic remarks of 'Jesse Helms' about homosexuals. So tell me Helms did God tell this about homosexuals?, Where did you hear or read this? In the church I grew up in the word was "love thy neighbor" and that we are indeed "thy brothers keeper"! I like my own saying, forgive them Father for they are DUMB ASSES!

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    This whole topic has gotten to be redundant. Jesse Helms, I am Irish and Italian American and a registered Democrat. I don't support illegal immigration or U.S. and D.C. tax dollars being used to assist illegal immigrants. I have nothing against Latinos or any ethnic groups as long as they are legal residents or U.S. citizens. Jesse, your ignorance and being a fool label all whites in America as being racist. I thought you were dead Jesse?

  • Jesse Helms

    Adrian Bent-Me over, when did you see my cock? My point you haven't and do you prefer big cocks up you black roast beef asshole? Sorry I am not a fudge packer and I don't want to catch AIDS.

  • Jesse Helms

    Jon Bon Jovi, I don't like your music and I've heard, you are bisexual. Maybe you should hook up with Adrian Bent-Me over. Oops, I forgot he only have the hots for Adrian Fenty.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    'Jesse Helms', we all know your not gay just a fucking idiot!

  • Jesse Helms

    Thank you Rick Mangus and we all know you are a Log Cabin conservative Republican. I love you too, but not in a gay way.

  • Jesse Helms

    Where is Mr. Noodlez to comment on this issue?

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