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Dreaming of Independent Bookstores on the Capitol Riverfront

While at the Anacostia River Business Summit yesterday, I picked up a promotional poster for ForestCity Washington's slow-moving Yards project. One of the renderings included a large retail tenant: Something called Literati Books, which appears to exist only in a suburb of Perth, Australia. I applaud the spirit of their aspirations–if they could pull off an Elliott Bay Books, I'd never leave Washington again–but suspect it'll be difficult to do better than Barnes & Noble.


  • Sigh

    Was there any actual news you wanted
    to point out here, or is writing about a run of the mill
    architectual rendering the most in depth reporting you can do?

    Maybe you could get more in depth information and build
    on what WBJ or JDland has already done? Or maybe god forbid do some original reporting on the area?

    Between this and that awful article the other day imagining what white people in different dc neighborhoods would buy consistently, it's become painfully obvious just how low the journalistic standards at the city paper have fallen. It really breaks
    my heart.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    If CP needs any help on this story I know and can call Bruce Ratner!