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IHOP Coming to Columbia Heights in August

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Bob Moore, leader of the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights, said this morning at an affordable housing advocacy day at the Wilson Building that IHOP will be moving into digs on the 1400 block of Irving Street this August, bringing with it 110 jobs.

The pancake chain said it would be coming last October, but nothing much was happening in late March. With this opening date, they should avoid the 14th street construction mess, which is supposed to end in July.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    Great News!, I am sick and tired with these trendy places with nuvo-starve cuisine!

  • JC20010

    International House of Poo. Gross. Have fun with the late night crowd, Columbia Heights. Brings nothing but trouble and smut.

  • Jeff

    Yeah, ew, gross, a CHAIN frequented by POOR PEOPLE and PHILISTINES who just don't understand the epicurean delights of expensive local fresh hormone-free oranic meat and produce. EW AND DRUNK PEOPLE WILL EAT THERE LATE AT NIGHT I HATE HEARING PEOPLE HAVE FUN I HATE IT.

  • K

    There is no end to the construction. We are kept in a state of docile acceptance because they keep giving us deadlines, but *the deadlines don't mean anything*. It's an exercise in Orwellian population management.

    On the other hand: 3 AM PANCAKES!!! All will soon be right with the world, construction or no.

  • K

    Also, JC20010: Smut? In Columbia Heights? Surely you jest!

  • nancy

    oh, boy, bring on more suburbanism.

  • kittyclaws

    Great menu: sugar/HFCS, starch, pork, butter... Cheap food does not have to be unhealthful. And healthful food doesn't have to cost your Whole Paycheck.

  • http://www.chozinfilms.com dippen

    i'm moving out

  • john

    just as i thought the neighborhood was turning a corner. the LAST thing CH needs is an IHOP.

  • jules

    I bet everyone who has posted a negative comment will change their tune once they bite into some chocolate chip pancakes for $2.99!

  • uknown

    please move out bitch

  • moving

    What a disaster an IHOP will be. Find me a neighborhood anywhere in the country where there's an IHOP and upscale neighbors who are happy it is there. This is the opposite of progress.

  • G

    Finally... No more long trips to ballston by 16th st buses and the one-train-per-hour orange line to get decent pancakes. And no more listening to ballston friends gloating about how they have ihop and we don't. Happy days.

  • Smel

    Jeff your comment made my day!! Exactly.

    IHOP won't bring trash. The trash already lives there, present company included. =)

  • Blondie

    Sick folk IHOP is fine. If you don't like it then don't go. There are people who may like it. People need to grow up. It takes all kinds to make the world tick.

  • Kirby

    Gotta love the food snobs who come out when a chain moves in! They look down their noses at the "trash" that would dare visit one of the chains. I detest people with these attitudes. Don't like a place? Don't go. Simple as that.

    IHOP will be a nice addition to the mix in CH. We still need more eating places. And it will be nice to have a place to get a decent breakfast (24/7) in CH other than only on the weekends with brunches.

  • Bob

    Pancakes are awesome--its self-evident, unconscious knowledge, an immutable truth.