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As Mayoral Buzz Quiets, Don Peebles to Headline D.C. Chamber Luncheon [UPDATE]

Probably just a developer again. (www.peeblescorp.com)

Probably just a developer again. (www.peeblescorp.com)

The Don Peebles buzzmeter has been on the fritz for six months now, as he thought about running for mayor, decided against it, changed his mind, and then decided to decide later. The chattering classes seem to have lost patience with the real estate mogul's waffling; he hasn't been heard from since Tom Sherwood told him last month that "waffles are for breakfast." With petition gathering beginning tomorrow for would-be officeholders, Peebles' mayoral aspirations seem to have gone out with a whimper.

No matter. Peebles is still a wealthy, D.C.-bred businessman, which will always make him welcome at the D.C. Chamber of Commerce–according to a spokeswoman, he'll give a keynote speech for Chamber members next Thursday to "share the strategies he has used to become one of the most successful developers in the nation." At this point, we suspect the warm-up Fenty-bashing may subside.

UPDATE, 10:25 a.m.: According to spokeswoman Kendall Pryles, Peebles has NOT ruled out a run. "Everyone’s going to know his plans sooner rather than later," she tells Housing Complex. "He is still giving it serious consideration."

  • Skipper

    Don who?

  • Stephon

    Hey Skipper stop the "hating" bruh! As a matter of fact, I try to pick up a hater a day!! If you do not have anyone hating on you, you're not doing something right! It amazes me how people hate on D Peebles, who's succeeding at the white mans game, but these same "bama's" would never hate on D Trump who has filed bankruptcy twice....