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East of the River Woefully Underserved by Chipotle

Picture 2Jonathan O'Connell's story today on the new Yes! Organic Market coming to Anacostia Fairlawn contained one mind-blowing nugget: Developer Tim Chapman offered retail space in the new 118-unit residential complex to Chipotle rent free. That's practically begging. Still, the burrito chain turned him down. And, verily, Chipotle has no locations outside of Northwest Washington, though that will change (barely) when a store opens in Union Station.

Considering how big of a deal it was when IHOP became Ward 8's first sit-down restaurant, can you imagine what a Chipotle would do for economic development?

  • alexbaca

    Wakka. Wakka.

  • http://www.anacostianow.blogspot.com DG-rad

    FYI - this development is NOT in Anacostia. It is in Fairlawn.

    do people not care or are they just being lazy?

  • Tina

    @DG-rad Exactly. Just because you cross the Anacostia bridge does not mean you are in Anacostia. Anacostia is in Ward 8. The new Yes! Market is in Ward 7. Please make the distinction.

  • http://www.congressheightsontherise.com The Advoc8te

    Since Chipotle thinks they are too good for East of the River then I think East of the River needs to realize they are too good for Chipotle - and not patronize their business.

    Rent free and you still won't come over? WTF?

  • blkwrestl

    I don't like the food

  • J

    East of the river - Anacostia- same difference

  • http://www.congressheightsontherise.com The Advoc8te



    The Midwest - Chicago - same difference.

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  • How long?

    How long would the rent be free? Seemingly not forever? Even for the entire length of the lease? What are the start-up costs associated with opening a new store, training people, etc? I'd like more details of this supposed offer and negotiations before slamming or boycotting Chipotle.

  • Lydia DePillis


    Point taken. It's important to be accurate with neighborhoods, and I should be more careful.



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  • http://www.anacostianow.blogspot.com DG-rad

    @ Tina, actually the new Yes! Organic is in Ward 8. Barely. The other side of Penn Ave is Ward 7.

    @ Lydia, thanks! a little sensitive over here...

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  • lol

    all i can say is that is a damn shame chipotle.

  • http://fairfaxvillage.blogspot.com Miss V

    @The Advoc8te.... I'm all for a boycott!!!

  • Jiggly Puff

    Why not start promoting healthier alternatives instead of a place that crams 4000 calories into a single meal? With all those severely morbidly obese black people who live over there, with no hospitals (or at least a hospital that can actually treat people), it seems to me that you should be begging for a Whole Foods or Trader Joes, NOT a chipotle.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    Ah! opening up east of the river I always like to dine in a place with out of control screaming brats and ordering food look at bullet proof glass!

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    ADDITION: As far as healthy eating, ladies you don't have to put cheese on every thing!

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  • Nancy

    Did you ask Chipotle why they declined?

  • Emily

    East of the river? I'd settle for just east! As in Eastern Market or H Street! I live on Benning Rd and we drive to Foggy Bottom or Crystal City for our fix.

  • jimmy

    Chipotle is avoiding unprofitable locations where it would be difficult to find employees that provide the level of customer service that they expect and they would have to worry about security issues more than at other locations. Recent openings (e.g. the Yes! market) have been put up more as a charity/social improvement project than as sound business practice. So if you really wanna fault Chipotle for boycotting bad business practices, go ahead, they won't miss your money. East of the river has a lot of social problems to sort out before it's gonna be desirable for any business to be there.

    PS - It's scary to imagine how many government incentives are thrown out there to encourage businesses to start in unprofitable locations.

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