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Frustrated With the Budget Hole? Blame Mitchellville, Says Evans

Proud son of Mitchellville. (majorityleader.gov)

Proud son of Mitchellville. (majorityleader.gov)

At last night’s Ward 3 Democrats meeting, Councilmember Jack Evans was starting to sound a lot more like a Republican, blasting his colleagues’ proposed tax increases and talking about “living within our means.” Soda taxes, parking fees, and surcharges of all sorts were derided as counterproductive, and the wrong way to make up that $400 million deficit.

“We really have to shrink this government,” he told the audience, to cautious nods.

Naturally, the conversation came around to how the District might increase tax revenues without increasing rates. Evans dropped a surprising statistic: 70 percent of D.C. government workers don’t live in the District. In previous decades, mayors have proposed and the council has passed a requirement that all city employees actually live in the city, hoping to increase the tax base and encourage local civic investment. Every time, Congress has voted it down.

Why? The Ward 3 Dems wanted to know. Evans explained: Rep. Steny Hoyer, 15-term Democrat of Maryland, has been the District’s biggest friend in Congress. Except when it comes to the residency requirement.

“Have you ever heard of Mitchellville?” Evans asked. Nobody had. But apparently, according to the councilmember, many D.C. civil servants—police and firefighters especially—live in the unincorporated suburban area, which has a family median income of $91,297. It’s where Rep. Hoyer grew up. And while not currently in his district, Housing Complex is pretty sure it was before the state was redistricted in 2002.

“They must have no fires in Mitchellville,” Evans quipped.

  • Manor

    "70 percent of D.C. government workers don’t live in the District."

    This is especially true for WTU, which is why all that anti-Rhee vitriol being spouted these days may not mean squat come election time.

  • expose

    When someone mention a geographical area, is that code words for something? For instance, Mitchellville does that mean that black? Is evan saying that the city government is too black?

  • Louisiana

    People live in Mitchellville because they couldn't find any decent places in the District to live. I live in Mitchellville and have always worked in the District and I truly do not mind paying a commuter tax.

  • Wendy Glenn

    This sounds very much like race-baiting and something that Mr. Evans should not indulge in, especially in Ward 3, where residents don't have a clue about black issues.

  • Skipper

    It's race-baiting to point out that lots of DC gov't workers live in Maryland?

    That's idiotic.

    And Wendy, Evans represents Ward 2, not Ward 3. And there's a whole bunch of black folks in Ward 2 areas like Shaw.

    Please go out and buy yourself a clue. If you cannot afford a clue, one can be provided to you by a taxpayer-paid, clue-providing agency.

  • tired

    Wow skipper she made an error ,she is human. On the other hand you don't make any mistakes , since you are so perfect.

  • Northwesterner

    She made a racist "mistake" tired. Just like cops do every day. Nice try.

  • The Truth

    @ Manor
    @ skipper
    @ Northwesterner

    Since I suspect you are posting under three names, I'll address all your posts with one response. Jack Evans is a ward 2 Democrat that doesn't mind representating Republican interests on the City Council. His comments at the Ward 3 Dems meeting were directed to the Republicans that live in that Ward (there are more republicans in Ward 3, specifically Spring Valley). Why doesn't Jack have the same venom for VA, were more DC employees making more that $100,000 live. (like Peter Nickles). At no time did the article mention Michelle Rhee or the WTU (Manor), so why defend against a non-existent attack. Because you are a paid blogger, and you are not very good at it. I hope Katherine Bradley's $100,000 for DCPS PR aren't being wasted like district tax dollars are by Michelle Rhee. Go home already and stop posting on issues you know nothing about.

  • Keith B

    That's the dumbest little conspiracy theory I've heard here in a while, The Truth. And if you re-read the article, maybe this time paying attention, it says Steny Hoyer is the congressman from MARYLAND. You know, that state that IS NOT VIRGINIA.

    Hell am I being paid too because I disagree? Where do I sign up? Maybe this one's a freebie for now.

    On topic though, one thing that's always amazed me is that I swear I see more MD/VA plates on the road here than DC plates. Maybe a commuter/driver tax could help out DCPW's road/transport budget or something.

  • Skipper

    @The Truth:

    You fail at reading comprehension.

    You excel at conspiracy theory.

    But you fail at being able to communicate that conspiracy theory effectively.

    Overall grade: FAIL.

  • http://rickmangus@aol.com Rick Mangus

    The typical DC BLAME GAME! Maybe the worthless council needs to cut back on their pet projects!

  • http://www.mytrailerpark.com HOOKMAN

    I believe most people choose to live where they do, with cost and location the primary reason.
    Since there are no residency laws for most DC Goverment workers, people could live in China if they so desire.
    Maybe we could all live in DC, in 1 ward, if we all were paid Jack Evans salary.

    The issue Jack Evans and the rest of the council should raise, are the number of employees in the Executive Branch of DC Government who are required to live in DC and do not.

    Truth mentioned AG Peter Nickels who resides in Mclean, VA, but gives a phony address in the Penn Quarter as his DC residence.

    District Personnel Manual says, if not a resident of the District at the time of appointment, employee has 180 days in which to do so or forefeit their position.

    What good is the DPM or laws in DC, if people aren't held accountable to them. As long as the crooked Mayor influences all Agency heads to do as he says or be fired, it will remain one of top corrupt city governments in the country, as its always been.

  • Manor

    I am still fascinated by this issue so came back here a week after the last post. Not sure why I was lumped in with the other posters, but my interest is on the political influence of DC government employees and unions on the upcoming mayoral race. If so many employees (and I assume union members) live outside the city, then they won't have much influence on the upcoming election. Not sure why that's controversial, it seems rather simple to me, though very interesting.

    If you want to know my angle, I don't really have one anymore. I decided two years ago to try and get out of DC and am finally doing so. I have no faith in the city or the majority of its residents, and life is too short to be unhappy here. Were I richer and could I afford to live in nice areas, maybe that wouldn't be the case, but alas I am not so I live in the murder zones. And that is the real truth...