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Zoning Commission Grants 14th Street a Little Breathing Room

No longer as restrictive!

No longer as restrictive!

At last night's Zoning Commission hearing to consider an emergency text amendment to the Uptown Arts Overlay, area businesses got a bit of a reprieve: Commissioners took emergency action to boost the 25 percent cap to 30 percent, effective immediately. According to a ZC spokeswoman, for the next 120 days, businesses can apply for their certificates of occupancy, which DCRA may grant up to 30 percent of total street frontage. Frontage will be measured as it has been before, rather than block-by-block, as had been proposed.

A final hearing date has not yet been set.

At a Downtown BID event this morning–which I'll talk more about soon!–Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Valerie Santos applauded the move.

"There were some old regulations in place that were unintentionally stifling restaurants," Santos said. "[Lifting the cap] is an example of the city being flexible."

  • Mony

    Looking at the spreadsheet earlier posted, that means there is 470.6 linear feet extra (current: 2751.66; total: 10740.85; 30% of that: 3042.255) now that can be built as bars/restaurants, which should be enough to accommodate everything in the pipeline. Would be enough to fit almost 25 more restaurants/bars.

  • dcdessertz

    Lifting the cap is an example of the gov't's knee-jerk mentality. They call it planning.