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Chaos in Congress Heights Over Peaceoholics Youth Home

Ron Moten and Sandra Seegars get testy.

Ron Moten and Sandra Seegars get testy.

CLARIFICATION, Thursday 6 p.m.: The Peaceoholics' planned facility is a place where young men will live independently and pay rent, not a "group home," as the headline originally stated.

UPDATE, Sunday 4:20 p.m.: According to Jauhar Abraham and city officials, it is still unclear how the young men will be chosen and paid for. A likely scenario is that they will be referred from Child and Family Services and the Department of Youth Rehabilitation services, at an undetermined rate per night.

It began like the most mundane meeting possible for an ANC in Ward 8: Droning updates from the United Medical Center followed by a lecture on avoiding home foreclosure. A few of assembled at the tennis center on Mississippi Avenue had taken out reading materials.

About an hour in, about a dozen young men and a few women entered, filling in from the back. With them were Ronald Moten and Jauhar Abraham, leaders of the Peaceoholics—the violence-reduction group that has received millions of dollars from the city to support its programs guiding at-risk youth.

They were there to explain their latest project: An old boarded up building at 1300 Congress Street, which they’ve already started renovating into a 13-unit home for young men aged 16-21. The problem was, they didn’t think to tell the neighbors before getting started—ANC Commissioner Sandra Seegars found out when she tracked the building permit. And the building, which the Peaceoholics bought for $400,000 last May, sits within a radius of a few blocks from a House of Ruth, another counseling and transitional housing facility for women, and a planned homeless shelter. According to a worker, construction stopped two days ago, leaving at least 20 people suddenly unemployed.

The atmosphere—already clouded by a bout of squabbling between Seegars and another commissioner over the meeting minutes—was tense. Abraham explained the concept of the independent living facility: Assigning ex-offenders to “life managers” who would help them stick with school or a job, until they became eligible to buy their own units.

“You can’t lock this problem away,” Abraham said, to affirmative nods from some in the audience. “It’s our responsibility.”

Then questions started. Commissioner Melvin Sims wanted to know when the Peaceholics had ever asked the ANC about their plan. Abraham responded that he never had.

1300 Congress Street, new Peaceoholics project.

1300 Congress Street, new Peaceoholics project.

“When has the ANC ever contacted the community!” a young woman burst out from the back of the room. “This is why young people don’t come!” Seegars banged her gavel to bring the room to silence.

“Most of the time, when I became politically savvy enough to understand the culture of the ANC, whenever I come to meetings, this is what I experience,” explained Abraham. “Adults fighting with each other. My job is to stop killings in this community.”

Sims pressed Abraham again, this time on the Peaceoholics’ dealings with the city. “I see you went before the council, and they reprimanded you because you couldn’t show what you were doing,” he said.

Last year, the city council questioned the donation of a fire truck and ambulance to the Dominican Republic, and cut the Peaceoholics’ budget dramatically. It was a heavy blow—the Post reported two weeks ago that the Peaceoholics had to lay off 50 staffers and give up their headquarters on Raleigh Place by the end of the month.

But Sims’ charge was too much for Ron Moten, who put down the small child sitting on his lap and walked up to the commissioners’ table.

“Are you serious?” he asked incredulously. “You’re a commissioner, and you would sit here before the public and lie to them? Are you on drugs? You gotta be on drugs.”

Moten’s speech continued, among shouting and more gaveling.

“First of all, let me explain something to you. We stopped killings in your community,” he said. “We the only organization that has the balls to stand up and hold criminals accountable, and give them opportunity. Nobody else in this city would stand up on the ground that we stand on and hold people accountable, because they don’t believe in citizenship. Excuse me for being passionate, but sometimes it’s hard to be normal when people say that.”

The meeting finished out in near chaos with questions from the audience, some skeptical, others supportive. As 9 p.m. arrived, a student in Moten and Abraham’s entourage snapped. “I’m angry now! I’m angry! These are the only men who ever helped me!” she yelled. Seegars adjourned the meeting, but it took another 20 minutes for the crowd to leave the building, as shouting matches erupted all around between supporters and opponents of the home.

“It seems like there’s a lot of anger in the Peaceoholics,” remarked Brian Townes, who lives a block from the group’s building.

A meeting between the Peaceoholics, community members, and city officials will take place on Friday. I’ll be following this story as it develops.

  • Brian

    Peaceoholics are registering that building as independant living facility but they are housing 16 - 21 year olds? Call it what it is: a group home. This is a blatant lie and the DC gov't should be held accountable for bending thier own rules to benefit themselves. There are ordinances pertaining to these group homes limiting the number in a radius and there are already 2 on this very block.

    Who is going to protect the neighbors of this building when the next drive by occurs? I am very angry that no one knew about this until the construction had already started.

  • noodlez



  • http://www.congressheightsontherise.com The Advoc8te

    Thanks for coming out and covering this story. This is a shame and a travesty that an organization that taxpayers dollars to fund their projects don't even think enough of the taxpayers to get their input or even notify them of something of this scale in their community. It's a shame and what is more of a shame is that the City not only knows about it and knows it is breaking it's own laws but they are funding this stuff! It's insane. 3 group homes across from a housing project on the same block would never be tolerated in Fenty's neighborhood or any other neighborhood where a councilman lives (except Barry of course). No one is telling the Peaceaholics not to do good works (and I am going to have to agree with Brian there is nothing "independent" about a 16-21 youth offender) the neighbors are saying not to many on this block.

    I just did a write up on last night's meeting on my blog. Assuming as the Peacoholics say they are finalizing a contract with the DC goverment to be paid anywhere from $50 to $250 a night per child we are talking about $7,500 a month per child (assuming the $250 a night rate) which comes out to over $200,000 per month - nearly 3 million dollars per year.

    You can not have 3, 4 or 5 group homes/shelters/indepdendt living facilities on the same residential block and expect that block to thrive.

    It's common sense - or perhaps its more about dollars than sense.

  • Ward-8

    Peaceoholics is a for profit,loosely assemble organization supported by Mayor Fenty based on Moton grandiose hustle and is evident by his rant and his lack of respect for the Democratic process to include his piss poor example of so call leadership he set for the young people in the audience. I keep wondering with all the funding they are receiving from DC for his huge salary, why they are not putting more effort in getting all these high school dropouts back in school,a lot of whom hang on the corner during school days and while he is at it tell them sagging an't kool and is down right disgusting, but I guess its too much like right.

  • Black Coochie

    Typical DC negro shit, because we ALL know that Congress Heights was SUCH a GREAT place before a group home. *snickers*

  • Ward 5

    Moten's attitude - excuse me - "passion" should be reason enough that the city NEVER gives him any more money! freakin bully!

  • Native JD in DC

    The ANC governance model is a complete fail.

  • Tom

    As a new convert to the glory of gentrification, I say build the group home. Hell, build 5 more in the area while they're at it.

  • proballdc

    I thing the group home should be built in DuPont Circle or Shepherd Park.

    Near Adrian Fenty and Sinclair Skinners house.

  • Brian

    One of my neighbors told me today that she was literally pushed by one of the members of the peaceoholics brought to the meeting to glare at and intimidate us. Just for having a regular debate. Its clear they have anger issues - what kind of response will they have in the neighborhood if they have one of those REALLY BAD days??? I mean if you get angry with outburts and violence when being questioned?

    With all the drugs and violence happening in that neighborhood already - why would you bring them back? Its clear they need a change of scenery, but they want to bring the offenders right back to the scene. Brilliant

  • http://www.hitmaka.com Hitz

    Look a Here. IF the Peace a Holics are putting in their efforts to help stop the Bull sh*t in DC then what is the problem? I mean for real. Stop b*tchin and help them brother out. So what if they didnt tell the community. COngress hieghts has been drug infested with all kids of negative shit going on for YEARS!!!!!!!
    These cats re doing it them selves. Not allowing the Gov to be their DADDY! They are taking control of thier community. The UPITY A** negros in DC Gov is the problem.
    We need to kick all them out starting with Fenty.


  • Uppity A$$ Negro

    @Hitz - are you saying 'who cares'? I'm not sure what your message is there - but it 'don't make no sense'

  • ABF

    First they didn't have enough money to keep the 600k house they purchased now the brought a 400k building DAMN Fenty you just give our tax dollars to all of your friends and now they want to house their friends, family and girlfriends for free on my tax dollar.HELL NO. ANC stand up against this shit!

  • ABF

    the law is the law which fenty and his friends need to know. you don't just DECIDE to open a business without going through the channels everyone else has to because you are friends with fenty.

  • K

    This entire situation really highlights the willingness of the DCRA to look the other way depending on the neighborhood. Remember a few weeks back when Columbia Heights residents around 11 St were sent into a full blown panicky mob at the mere prospect of low-income housing being put up in a nearby parking lot? You bet your ass Jim Graham was writing emails to every constituent & listserv, insisting this was a preliminary plan and no move would be made without full community input & support.

    Shift the scene to SE and what do we see? "Non"profit Peaceaholics, until very recently backed to the hilt by city money (and without a certain CP article, likely still would be), railroading the neighborhood's wishes by trying to do an end-run around the ANC, and the response from Peaceaholics and their supporters is "So what if they didnt tell the community."? SO WHAT? SERIOUSLY?! This shit wouldn't fly in NW, it's blatant racism/classism that the DC government allows it to flourish in SE.

  • Ward 5

    Has there been any analysis done that suggests that crime has actually gone down since this group has been in existence? It seems as if they feel like the city owe's them. How are you rudely demanding money to help your organization prevent crime but you're acting like a criminal. Jumping in someone's face, unruly, intimidating tactics etc. What would have happened if the ANC there would have responded in the same manner? There would be violence, the exact same thing you swear your organization prevents! Would have made for a hell of a headline though.

  • Manor

    K, not to quibble, but could consider its just classism at play, not racism? You've got a 95% black populace, black ANCs, black councilmember, black mayor, mostly black city agency staffers, and black Peaceaholics. Where does the racism come in, really? Or is this one of those internecine Uncle Tom issues that I'm not good at understanding?

  • K

    Manor, my impression is that the Council/Mayor/DCRA have an attitude that anything flies in SE/East of the River because they have a very low opinion of the citizens there: they are disorganized, they don't understand the system, they're too poor to complain, etc. etc. I could be waay off-base on that assertion, but stories like this one make me wonder.

    I feel the race issue is used to guilt many SE residents in going along with projects they would otherwise strenuously oppose because they are accused of being anti-black progress, or obstructionist, or whatever. If I'm completely incorrect in this, I'd really like to hear other views.

    (Disclaimer: I am not black)

  • Brian

    There has been no such analysis. As far as I know - the leaders are not even qualified beyond giving a shit. This is the EXACT reason we needed them to be upfront and honest about thier plan. They should have presented their intentions to the community at and ANC meeting, provided statistics on their success rate. SHOW ME that you are actually qualified. PROVE TO ME that you have the proper security. PROVE TO me that you have a success rate.

    No one knows anything about them beyond they are a group home. I don't doubt these kids need some guideance, but its going ot have to be a LOT stricter than 'independent living'. Why is it always someone elses responsibility to raise peoples kids who don't give a crap about them?

    I can't stop thinking about how RIDICULOUS this is.

  • Ward 5

    Brian - I would LOVE to see their business proposal because i've seen some of their mass emails and noticed enough errors to make my middle school child cringe!

    But what perplex me most is when someone even as much as question them about their actual plans they get so combative. They want millions of (my freakin tax dollars) to do what they please.

  • Manor

    K, I won't argue, I guess I just don't agree that its abject racism when one racial group oppresses members of its own race. Perhaps bigotry? Fascism? Classism? Yes, but perhaps not racism. Semantics on some level I am sure but important in the racially charged streets of DC...

    However, if you flip the issue over and wonder at the much lower rate of group homes of all sorts in Wards 2 and 3, then yes, it does seem to be a racist policy, even if its implemented by blacks who are then oppressing other blacks.

    Maybe I'll try and do a PhD on the topic ;)

  • Mike

    There is definitely a shortage of good, available and trustworthy programs, (homes) for troubled teens. And, obviously, there a shortage of critical analysis and good decision making skills within our city council and city leadership.

    I believe, had the Peaceoholics followed correct procedures and protocols, this battle would not be happening.

    My recommendation is for Peaceoholics start over, and pursue this project the right way. Follow the process and steps according to the law of Washington, DC. This includes, requesting a Hearing with the ANC. Part of this process would also include outreach and education to the community regarding the need for a home to assist troubled teens.

    In addition, it is recommended the ANC work with its constituents to educate residents and tax-payers of the situation and allow the hearing. The ANC and residents need to be understanding and sympathetic to the situation.

    My thoughts are, if both sides approach the situation with professionalism, good, positive dialogue and according to law, the Peaceoholics may get a nice surprise. Maybe the ANC can help determine a suitable location, and perhaps it can even find volunteers within the community to volunteer and assist with the project.

    However, sneaking around the proper protocols, surprising residents by telling them they already bought the home and are already renovating, breaking the law, and intimidating residents is NOT the answer.

  • http://www.congressheightsontherise.com The Advoc8te

    @Mike - Amen. However I do feel like there should be some type of penalty for breaking the law and not following the proper channels. No one is above the law - not even the Peaceoholics.

  • noodlez



  • Concerned about youth

    This reporting is biased! I was in attendance the entire time of the meeting.
    #1 - Mr. Abraham stated that Ms.Seegars was aware of what they were doing ahead of time, he stated that very calmly each time. He also acknowledged with calm that they were in error over some things with letting "more" of the community know of their intentions.

    #2 - Mr.Moten and Mr.Abraham did not start getting louder until they were being questioned about their INTEGRITY and ETHICS. Most people in life, defend themselves in the same manner.

    #3- The consistent clarification they made that this "IS NOT A GROUP HOME".

    #4 - How long do you think you would "be quiet" if you are sitting there and people are attacking who you are, and speaking as if your not even there, the youth were very passionate about "how they felt" and they wanted to be heard, they are our future. No if's and's or but's about that.

    The ANC chairperson wasn't being responsible nor fair when he stated his "personal comments about the Peaceaholics and what may or may not have happened with the council members"... Also, sandra Seegars attacked a young lady who was wearing a Fenty jacket, when this mild speaking women voiced her opinion. Ms.Seegars hit her gavel and stated "you support fenty, so disregard what she says" . I thought that was very unprofessional and rude. The energy of the place before the group arrived was of disrespect at times.

    I'm not on the Peaceoholic payroll, nor have I ever been, but if you have a concern a real concern for the youth of this city. Then when you see a group who continually is working with teens, I mean really sticking their neck and lives out for them. Forget that personal stuff and gossip, I have nothing but RESPECT FOR THE WORK THEY DO! Alot of other groups Yes, they work with youth too, and all of these groups should be HIGHLY COMPENSATED FOR WHAT THEY DO! JUST AS TEACHERS SHOULD BE!!


  • Lydia DePillis

    Dear Concerned about Youth,

    I do believe I presented the nature of the discussion fairly. But you're right that Mr. Moten and Mr. Abraham said that the facility would not be a "group home"; I should have corrected that earlier in the headline and I've done so now.

    Regarding the exchange between Ms. Seegars and the young woman in the Fenty jacket: I left it out in the interest of brevity, but here's how it went, according to my notes:

    “I recommend that the ANC 8e introduce a resolution to support this project," said LaRuby May, wearing a green FENTY jacket. "My last suggestion is that for those of you young people that are passionate about this, the best way to change the faces of the people at that table is November, during election time.” The audience clapped.

    “She’s a supporter of the mayor who’s giving them all the money," said Seegars.

    Thanks and always feel free to get in touch: ldepillis@washingtoncitypaper.com.

    All best,


  • Anonymous

    Lydia you wrote a good story - an accurate story. If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck ITS A DAMN DUCK!

    For the record there is nothing "independent" about a group home for youth offenders 16 - 21. Clearly they need supervision otherwise they wouldnt be supervised by the courts in the first place. Also I would like to know what are he Peacoholics qualifications other then living in the "streets" to provide comphrehensive medical and mental care. Anger management, etc. From what I saw in that meeting everyone needed intensive anger management skills.

    FYI - It would have gone over so much better if

    1) The Peaceoholics and their suppporters showed up ON TIME. The meeting started at 7pm they showed up a little before 8pm.

    2) They and their supporters sat quietly and raised their hands to answer questions and not just shout out and lose control.

    3) If they engaged in a dialogue about the primary issue - the very poor location - and not made this a "no one cares about kids issue or only "rich" people live in condos.

    It was a PR and community disaster from the door and I can totally understand how residents of that neighborhood were MORE at unease after the being than before. I came into that meeting with a blank slate and I left that meeting very concerned.

    Just because you are "passionate" does not excuse poor behaviour. It doesn't fly on the job and it shouldnt fly in the community.

    Violence isnt the answer and as one commentor on this post mentioned there was some violence (someone was pushed) and folks were very intimidating and they are still intimidating folks who spoke up against them. Its just a matter of time before one of these opponenents of the group home get hurt. The threat has been clearly communicated.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding LaRuby May, Sandra Seegars spoke the 100% truth. LaRuby May is affiliated with poverty pimp, Phinis Jones. If you think the Peaceoholics are raking in dough from the Fenty administration you need to check out Phinis's racket - he has been bringing in tens of millions of dollars and presenting nothing in return. Start right at the Congress Heights Training Center located at 3215 MLK Avenue. The City Paper has covered Phinis in the past. Check to see where the money is going AND who is giving it to them.

    Fenty has friends in low places.

  • DC

    Why is it when people have concerns they're told to get out there and volunteer (in the streets). How about the parents ACT LIKE parents instead of expecting others to try to raise their kids. I would volunteer in a school before the streets, those are the kids who actually want the help.

    When we glorify "coming from the streets" kids think its okay. So instead of rewarding someone with a criminal background - lets reward those with college degrees who are out there doing the same type of work - as stated before - this is not the only group in this line of work. You only hear about them because they're connected the mayor and typically abrasive. What a great example to set!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    I know Moten. Everything he does is done with a certain temperment- hostility. If you don't agree with the guy, he jumps in your face in a very threatening manner and then calls it passion. He's a street thug made rich off of his connection with Fenty. Fenty being a little bitch growing up probably saw this as opportunity to buy a gangster on his side. The City doesn't need this and our children certainly don't need him. The values he teaches doesn't save lives, it makes him money. If he really can't about the children, why doesn't he start by taking care of his own damn kids (all 7 of them by four different women). Good values to learn from...

  • SEis4Me

    Anonymous, if I'm reading correctly, you assert that the Prescence of the Peacoholics caused the disruption and those "against" them did nothing to contribute to the breakdown in communication? I wasn't there. Have heard from people on both sides. But concluding that everything would have gone well only IF they followed your suggestions sounds a bit biased and not very objective.

    Seems to me that as usual with Ward meetings, both sides share quite a bit of blame. Shoot, I have gone to disruptive meetings when this group wasn't even there.

    If Phinis is as you present here, wouldn't criminal charges apply? I mean you are talking about a person who has received tens of millions from the city without presenting anything in return. There are people who deal with city contracts who are in charge of stuff like this and it's hard to swallow "tens of millions" of dollars going to waste.

    The term "poverty pimp" must be the new catch phrase for anyone you disagree with. Sorta like 'hating'

  • dpuconcerned

    Not enough of the contributors here have expressed the neighbors main concern: 4 similar projects within about a block! That wouldn't be allowed in other neighborhoods and should not be happening here.

  • booboothefool

    Let's be clear....the neighbors are not against the Peaceoholics. The Neighborhood supports the program. However, they do not support 4 such programs on one corner of their block. If they wanted to move out of their condos because they do not feel comfortable living next to ex offenders, they can't! You know why? People will NOT buy their homes. They will also lose value on their homes. They cannot just get up and leave as these are not rental units. They will be stuck.

    Why is it that we should be concerned about our criminal youth (which we are) but no one has any concern for us. We did the right thing. We went to school. We worked hard at our jobs. We saved up a little money and bought what we could afford: an inexpensive, small space condo in the heart of SE. Now, if we were rich, I can guarantee you that SE would not be our first, second or third choice.

    The Peaceoholics would not be hurt if they simply moved to another location. However, by not moving, they hurt the neighbors. I personally do not have a good feeling about a new neighbor who blatantly states "I don't care" when asked why he did not contact the community about his plans first.

    The bottom line is this program is in direction violation of zoning laws which clearly state :
    "There shall be no other property containing a community-based residential facility for seven (7) or more persons within a radius of five hundred feet (500 ft.) from any portion of the subject property. And also states "358.1 A youth residential care home or community residence facility for sixteen (16) to twenty-five (25) persons, not including resident supervisors or staff and their families, shall be permitted as a special exception in an R-5 District if approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment under § 3104, subject to the provisions of this section.

    "358.2 There shall be no other property containing a community-based residential facility for seven (7) or more persons in the same square"

    Thus, by opening up this so-called "independent living" home, they are in direct violation of the law. Period.
    Now, if this building is just regular apartments like they claim, why is it that I, a regular Jo Schmoe, cannot sign a lease, move in and pay rent? I'd love to hear from a proponent on this topic.

  • reportcorrectly

    The "clarification" is inaccurate. Did you verify that this information you "clarified" was correct? They never once mentioned the men paying rent. They only mentioned that they would get paid for the men. You cannot clarify something without verifying its accuracy. This is not good reporting. Please get the facts. You were in the meeting, did you hear them once state that these men would be paying rent? You are allowing them to intimidate you when you should be focused on reporting the facts. Shame on you Lydia.

  • reportcorrectly

    You should've quoted whoever told you the definition of the facility. This group has not even filed for a Certificate of Occupancy so technically their plans for this facility is unknown so how can clarify what the facility will be used for if it is not even publicly known. Please quote whomever said "The Peaceoholics’ planned facility is a place where young men will live independently and pay rent, not a “group home,” as the headline originally stated."

  • Angry in SE

    SS Seegars sent out the following message:
    The Peaceoholics attended ANC 8E, Sandra “S.S.” Seegars, Chairperson, Public meeting on Tuesday, April 20, 2010. There may have been “ohlics” but there was no peace. They entered about a half an hour later than they said. With everyone else already there, they entered the room in an intimidating fashion as they tried to fill the perimeter of the room.

    Ronald Moten and Jauhar Abraham, Peaceoholics, were invited to the meeting to give to a presentation of their plan for the group home/half way house that Moten had not told Seegars about after being asked a few times. Seegars saw the property, 1300 Congress St., SE, on DCRA applied for permit to renovate list. Seegars contacted a resident in the Condo next to the building that had been vacant for years.

    During the ANC meeting, the first question was from a commissioner asking about them being noncompliant and failing to answer funding questions at the City Council. Abraham and Moten became very defensive. The meeting went down hill from there. The crew of about 20 that they brought with them became upset because of the questioning. Three young females became belligerent. One tried to take over the meeting by talking out of turn when she got ready, and preceded down the aisle towards Seegars. She was held back by her crew. Another one talked for a while. When Seegars called on the next person, she said she was not through. Seegars insisted she was and refused to let her take over the meeting. Her crew stopped her.

    After the meeting was adjourned, two of them confronted Seegars to demand that she listened to them. Seegars refused and conducted a raffle drawing. The other one who had previously proceeded down the aisle was on the other side of the room talking to at least one condo resident. When the condo resident no longer listened to her and began to walk away, she pushed her in the back. Seegars, Mary Cuthbert, Chairperson of ANC 8C, and one attendee were exiting through a different door than the others. One of the young females reappeared in the room and followed Seegars outside trying to make her listen.

    The person that was pushed did not file a complaint for fear of retaliation. The meeting tomorrow is to try to determine what program the Peaceoholics is planning to open at 1300 Congress St., SE, and how it will be classified. There were other people who approached the owner to buy the vacant building. The price was $700,000.00. The Peaceoholics got it for $400,000.00. The record reflects that Roy Littlejohn, a long time friend of Marion Barry, owned the building. Barry is in full support of the Peaceoholics. Here’s the problem. There is a law that says these types of facilities should not be within 500 feet of each other. On the NE corner of 13th and Congress streets will be the Peaceoholics group home/halfway house, behind them is a Domestic Violence Shelter, on the NW corner is a nursing home type facility, and behind that is a facility in 3 apartment buildings for mothers and children. One block south of this intersection there are plans for a homeless shelter. To the immediate SE/SW of the condo is Congress Park.

    MPD has been summoned to attend this meeting. They will attend.

    Just a few minutes ago, I spoke with the commissioner who asked the first question that made Moten and Jauhar defensive. He said the air was let out of both of his back tires sometime Tuesday night.

  • Aquarius Vann-Ghasri

    I am requesting residents in every ward in the District of Columbia, a municipal corporation to examine, review analyze having round table discussions on the following:The social relations within the urban political economy and how the urban political economy connects with urban development issues with the broad social questions of racism, poverty, and the distribution of ealth, income, and power among social,racial, and ethnic groups.

    I challenge every resident in every ward of District of Columbia, a municipal corporation to comprehend the history of urban growth and development, urban demography, orgganization and structure of the urban ecomony, social structure of the urban politicial system, administrativestructure of urban governments, and the decision-making processes through which urban policy and programs are formulated and developed.

  • Aquarius Vann-Ghasri

    I am requesting residents, in every ward in the District of Columbia, a municipal corporation to examine, review and analyze with a round table discussions, on the following:The social relations within the urban political economy and how the urban political economy connects with urban development issues with the broad social questions of racism, poverty, and the distribution of wealth, income, and power among social,racial, and ethnic groups of the District of Columbia , a muncipal corporation.

    I challenge every resident in every ward of District of Columbia, a municipal corporation to comprehend the history of urban growth and development, urban demography, organization and structure of the urban ecomony, social structure of the urban politicial system, administrative structure of urban governments, and the decision-making processes through which urban policy and programs are formulated and developed.