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Farewell Readers

Ah, the goodbye blog post. I've been dreading it for weeks now. But last Friday, I started logging mental notes. And today, I've been plugging away at it in spurts since roughly 11 a.m.

(On that note, thanks Andrew Beaujon for ripping me out of my stream of consciousness moment at exactly 11:08 a.m. with your utterances of "Piece of shit software! Such a piece of shit." )

As I see it, there are a couple of approaches to this: the (A) self-deprecating–but not really– "let me recount all my mistakes so that you may understand the breadth of my career while still finding me winning" approach; Or (B) perhaps the classic rumination on journalism and city life approach. Or (C) the typical blogger format of  "Hey I'm not blogging here anymore—but catch me over here [click for new blog link]" approach.

But as for (A) and (B), I really haven't been doing this long enough ( September 2008) for those kind of pronouncements and (C) won't work either because Housing Complex is staying put.  So maybe we'll try this:

A series of quick "Full House" style lessons that I have learned by the end of several episodes—er columns. So here goes:

And, naturally, those are just a couple pearls of wisdom (especially the last one—believe it.) Alright, time to go. I have stolen my last piece of gum from Mike "Loose Lips" DeBonis's cube.   Swept up my last bit of mouse poo—ewwwwwwwwwwww—hiding behind the thick stacks of paper I cleared out last night. And by the time you're seeing this, pressed "Publish" for the...you know...time.

  • Mark


    I am sad to hear that you are moving on. Your take on the DC real estate market and your other musings will be missed. I wish you the best in whatever lies ahead.

  • Keith

    Good luck to you Ruth, I enjoyed your column.

  • http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/sexist Amanda Hess


  • Nikki

    I miss you!

  • Dave

    Where are you going?

  • http://imgoph.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    sticking with the city paper, or moving on? c'mon, at least riggs told us where he was going!

  • http://www.dccondoloft.com Simon Landau

    Your stuff is amazing and we'll follow you wherever you head! Keep up the good work and look forward to reading all of your stuff at your new landing spot!

  • Jason

    I emailed you about the fort totten square, which seems to be dead now that cafritz moved into the area. but the point is, you never replied

  • stella bloom

    yeah, she usually didnt reply.

  • Collin

    say it ain't so. Thanks for some very good reporting and writing. Will miss it. Best of Luck wherever you go! Will remain a loyal reader.