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People seem to like this guy—it's Mike from the Real World DC. On this week's episode, cast member Ashley hooked up with him—or "full-on tongue-kissed” him—as did another guy that Mike met later on.

But he's not the only one getting some action. Andrew also befriended a lady at a club and introduced her to the house hot tub. (See link five for her name and commentary on her character from personal friends.)

(1) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Mike

(2) Proposed Plans for Gage-Eckington Park (Who says the Post never links?)

(3) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Andrew

(4) Six Figure Earner Will Drive to Maryland to Avoid Bag Fee

(5) You Want a Piece of the Real World DC—They’re Yours for the Taking

(6) The Real World House Did Not Burn Down Last Night

(7) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Emily

(8) Hate the Bag Fee? This is Worse.

(9) Meet Real World DC Cast Member Ashley

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson / www.photokyle.com.

  • Rick Mangus

    Mike at 'Halo' last week was there for the premire of 'Real World, DC' and was not a nice person, as a matter of fact I witness his, I'm too good for anyone act in person. A patron at the bar came up to him and ask for a photo with him and he said, "Your not good looking enough, no!" This self centered confused queen can not be liked by too many with an attitude like that so, I do not know Ruth got that impression.

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