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Hate the Bag Fee? This is Worse.

After two days of sharp back-and-forths, the blog finally seems to be quieting on the topic of plastic bag fees. Well, people: I hope you've saved some energy. The sniping about a five cent fee seems wholly misplaced when parking is now going up to $2 dollars an hour in premium parking areas—the "busiest commercial districts," according to a District Department of Transportation press release—in Washington D.C. Also, all metered spots in the city will now have Saturday operation hours.

Also notable, enforcement hours are changing:

Nighttime parking enforcement hours will be extended to 10 pm in the following “premium demand zones:” Adams Morgan, Georgetown Historic District* Penn Quarter/Chinatown*, U Street, NW Corridor, Downtown Central Business District, Maine and Water Streets, NW, The National Mall, Wisconsin Avenue, NW (from Van Ness Street to Western Avenue)

(*Meters in Georgetown and around the Verizon Center are already in operation in the evenings)

  • http://greatergreaterwashington.org/ David Alpert

    Sounds great to me - those areas are so hard to park in at night. If the meters are operating, maybe a few of the spaces will be free and you can actually park there if you need to.

  • http://imgoph.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    sounds good to me too. honestly, what percentage of the cars at these spots are maryland and virginia drivers? i would wager the answer is "most." more money for the district!

  • Rick Mangus

    It's the DC SHAKEDOWN, and 'IMGoph', "more money for the district", so they can piss it on another sports complex or more dumb ass bike lanes, I don't think so!

  • Eric

    Oh for cryin' out loud, just shut up about the new "fees". Why don't you concentrate on what these fees will actually bring us (e.g. Anacosita clean-up and parking rates in line with what it costs to maintain the streets)!

    Rick Mangus, go take your ignorant "think-you're-so-clever" whining somewhere else.

  • Skipper

    Sanctimonious, much?

  • RobShaw

    More bike lanes. Get them the hell off our sidewalk.

  • oboe


    This whole bag fee/parking rate thing is entertaining as Hell. All these 20-somethings proto-libertarians and Tea Party types howling in outrage, threatening to boycott the city.

    Now veryone knows, if they had their druthers, they'd be spending every evening in the Manassas Applebee's. Unfortunately, all the women are in the city, so a boycott's not an option.

  • jj

    Delighted to see DC increasing parking rates - cheap (and often free) parking has been a huge giveaway for too long. Look forward to having an easier time finding a space for quick errands.

    Would love to see resident parking hours and enforcement increased to at least match parking meters. (Aren't a lot of Saturday parkers now going to park on nearby residential streets, making it more difficult for residents to park in their own neighborhoods?)

  • Casey Anderson

    Charging for parking in high-demand areas at night is a good idea, whether it is in DC or the suburbs. Parking spaces are never "free" -- because they occupy right of way that could be used for travel lanes for auto traffic, developed by a private property owner, public space/pedestrian access, or even (God forbid) as bike lanes. Also, charging for spaces encourages turnover and discourages people from driving when they could easily walk or take transit, which frees up space for people who really don't have any good alternative to driving.

    BTW, I think the bag fee is a good idea, too.

  • tom veil

    And why shouldn't people have to pay for parking? You'd pay to rent any other piece of land. If you've grabbed a street parking spot in, say, Chinatown at 10pm on a Friday, you have a hot piece of real estate on your hands.

  • Kamantha

    I live in DC so DC gets enough of my money. Wont be giving them a bag tax for something that's basically a tax to increase revenues for the city. I dont care what they say it's for. Shopping in MD/VA for years and will continue to do it.

  • John Thompson

    I've been a district resident for 16 years and have lived in Dupont, AM, Logan & now, Mt. Vernon Square/Chinatown. For OH SO MANY reasons, I completely support the parking increase & expanded hours, as well as the infamous bag fee.

    My thoughts on this have already been clearly expressed by David, IMGoph, Eric, RobShaw, JJ Casey & Tom.

    Great minds think alike.

  • Paul Product

    Yes, Rick Mangus, it's just a shakedown. I guess you're not welcome in the District. So take your ball and go home. That's one more parking space for us (when we're not riding our bikes).

  • http://imgoph.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    good thinking, kamantha. why just spend your tax dollars in MD and VA? michigan's economy is in the crapper. north dakota could use more people shopping there. why oh why would you want your money to be spent in your own community where it would benefit you in the long run? that'd be silly, wouldn't it?

  • Rick Mangus

    'Eric', it's narrow minded dumb asses like you who think this tax, and it is a tax not a fee, is just fine. Clean up the rivers is the line of crap the city council has fed you 'Eric' and you were first in line to fall for it!

    Why not tax the rich bastards who have boats on our rivers or other prissy boys who thinks it TRENDY to be green, so you can be the center of atention at a cocktail party with other self centered ass holes like youself! How about selling that car you drive and do something constructive in your life.

  • http://dccondoloft.com Simon Landau

    Unfortunately, it seems these crazy taxes and additional fare increases are going to continue to be added until the area climbs its way out of debt. While it does really stink, I'm not totally against it the money is used to actually achieve projects that have been difficult to fix in the past (ie: improving schools and decreasing crime).

  • Rick Mangus

    Higher and extra TAXES only exist because on a local and nation level we keep putting these arrogant BASTARDS back in office.

    These politicians do not care about you and me, we buried the last politician who cared, Senator, Edward M. Kennedy there are no others that I can see.

  • Mr. Six Figure

    Let's all drive our hybrids round and round the District Downtown creating a lot of traffic with no where to park.

    Oh wait this does not affect me since I have parking in downtown D.C. as my company has its own parking garage.

    However that Bag Fee is the work of the devil.

  • oboe

    Rick sez:

    "Why not tax the rich bastards who have boats on our rivers or other prissy boys who thinks it TRENDY to be green, so you can be the center of atention at a cocktail party with other self centered ass holes like youself! How about selling that car you drive and do something constructive in your life."

    Ah! So nice to hear from someone who's approach to interpersonal conflict is every bit as rational as their take on parking, bag fees, and other areas of life.

    Damn those Rich Bastards and Prissy Boys!!!


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