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Champlain Street Open to Traffic Again


As I wrote back in July, you may have found yourself on Champlain Street NW if you were/are:

(A) Desperately looking for a parking spot in Adams Morgan on a weekend night (the street runs parallel to 18th St.)

(B) A cop answering a call for a murder, two shot officers and another man down, and/or a terrible drug sale gone wrong (leading eventually to a death).

(C) A child attending Marie Reed elementary school—or should I say “ARIE H. REED OMMUNITY LEARNING CENTER?”

(D) A Washington City Paper staffer! Our office is located here.

(E) A luxury condo owner.

(F) A seeker of rat hang-out spots.

This past summer, the city embarked on a five-month long construction project to re-open the street to traffic. (It had been closed since 1977.) The $1.7 million endeavor wrapped up in mid December, and a colleague of mine confirms the road is open to vehicles.  The area looks a little something like this...


  • Carl

    Good to know! I enjoyed the "Arie Reed" comment. Keep it up, Miss Amuelson!

  • David T

    I work at the clinic on the left in each of the pictures, and I must that I'm delighted with the change... I've already noticed more "life" on Champlain Street!

  • Katie

    What an amazing Photoshop job! It looks so real I can hardly tell! You should have Photoshopped the letters back on the poor Ommunity Center while you were at it! :)