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If You’ve Got a Fancy Cop Motorcycle, You Can Apparently Park Anywhere…


After seeing this blog post from last week, lawyer Jared Hautamaki decided to send over some photos that he snapped this morning out on a coffee break.

"Seriously, there was a space 20 feet from where he put that bike," reports Hautamaki. (That location was 13th and E Streets NW.)

He was able to come face to face (or back, actually) with the cop later on...


The officer stood around for "at least ten minutes" waiting for his drink to be prepared.

  • http://dmlaenker.livejournal.com Daniel M. Laenker

    The bike itself (and apparently the cop) look positively Bullneckian in magnitude, sure. But what's going on with the sidecar? Is that a kayak?

  • Former Staffer

    It had to be big enough to fit his venti soy no foam seven pump chai latte.