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Washington D.C. Ranked 7th Most Traffic-Congested Area in U.S.

trafficPredictably, a search for "Washington traffic" yields an image of South Capitol Street.

Using GPS data from portable navigation products, TomTom—the maker of many of these aforementioned products—has been able to compile a list of the nation's most traffic-clogged regions:

Rank CITY/REGION % of congested roadways
1 Seattle, WA 43%
2 Los Angeles, CA 38%
3 Chicago, IL 37%
4 Montgomery County, MD 37%
5 San Francisco, CA 35%
6 New York, NY 31%
7 Washington, DC 30%
8 San Jose, CA 29%
9 Alexandria, VA 28%
10 Oakland, CA (Alameda County) 28%

According to the press release, "Cities* were ranked as most to least congested according to how fast cars could travel on the street network. A city’s traffic was defined as congested if drivers could travel at only 70% or less of the posted speed limit, meaning on average an hour long commute included 20 minutes or more of significant delays."

Image by Joe Schlabotnik, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License

  • jules

    ah yes, but we also have Alexandria, VA and MoCo in the top 10...so...we win?

  • Simon

    Alexandria? Must be the Beltway and 395, I can't imagine what else would've put Alexandria on the list.

  • w_hartung

    Old Town Alexandria is awful! Have you ever been there during afternoon rush hour? I don't know how they do it, but they time the stoplights perfectly so that no one can move. You couldn't make the traffic any worse if you tried.