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Tranzon Fox Auctions Off Last Vijay Taneja Home


Fairfax: $4,068,750

Since August 19, I've been blogging about Vijay Taneja, a real estate investor, mortgage impresario, and entertainment businessman, who produced massive traveling Bollywood shows for Indian-American communities across the country.

Last November, Taneja plead guilty “to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering in connection with a mortgage fraud scheme involving his company, Financial Mortgage, Inc,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia. He is currently serving out a seven year prison term.

This past week, Tranzon Fox wrapped up auctioning off a portfolio of four Taneja-owned mansions by completing a sale for another Taneja property in Potomac Maryland (back in September, a larger home next door was sold).

Tranzon's Taneja auctions started with above property in Fairfax, back in January. The others are listed below:


Outer Banks: $1,653,750


9034 Bronson in Potomac: $5,029,500

9036 Bronson in Potomac:$3,113,250

TANEJA TOTAL:$13,865,250

  • Matt

    I'm kind of baffled by the facts that
    1) the dude apparently had identical houses built in both Fairfax and Potomac (from outside appearances, at least) and
    2) said identical house was worth $900k more in Potomac. Who knew?

  • Ruth Samuelson

    Yeah Matt, I was kind of fascinated by the identical houses too. I posted something a few months back comparing the two from the inside as well. Trippy!


  • anonymous

    Any information on the buyer of 9036 bronson drive?

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