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Meet Real World DC Cast Member Mike


Meet Mike Manning, 22, from Thornton Colorado. He got on the show after his friend invited him to lunch, plus a Real World audition on some random Saturday. "He said, 'Do you want to audition for Real World with me?' And I said 'uh, yeah, okay.' I hadn't planned this out, I hadn't picked the show..."

Mike felt like he clicked with the producers, to the displeasure of his buddy. "He was staring me down as he was walking out."

MTV describes Mike as "the typical jock," "a star athlete, prom king, popular with all the girls" and an "all around golden child from a Christian family."  So, naturally, you can see where this is going.

"Mike realized several years ago that, for him, love knows no gender. He dates guys and girls..." according to MTV.

So why was his friend left out in the cold, while Mike got the invite to Dupont Circle? "I think they had an idea of the kind of people that they wanted to have come to D.C., and I think that I had done a lot of community service and I'm more driven. But, at the same time, I know how to have a good time."

And, as has been reported before, Mike interned at the Human Rights Campaign while in D.C. Other cast members also mentioned to me that, of all the roommates, he seems to be the one most likely to return to Washington later.

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson / www.photokyle.com.

  • Chad

    The part that mike dates guys and girls so wrong I have known him for 5 years now and I have never seen or heard of him being with a guy

  • Javier

    Chad, you obviously don't know Mike very well, then. He is bisexual. Very bisexual. Stay tuned to the upcoming Real World season. He will be a huge bisexual icon.

  • Kendra

    Yea he is bisexual. On the trailer for mtv that I watched last night, he was so making out with this other guy on the pool table. ^^

  • Kendra

    I think Mike has been keeping some stuff from you there hun.

  • http://dailstrug.blogspot.com Gary Freedman

    Buy? Buy low, sell high!

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  • calvino inman

    mike is so cool.i wish i could meet him

  • Cass

    Okay guys... Lol I've known Mike since I was 6... Lol he was 10 at the time... but I pretty much grew up with him. He is bisexual, and there's absolutley nothing wrong with it :) If you don't believe me, look in the newspaper... there's a whole article on him. Along with him making out with guys on camera.
    Mike is an amazing guy :) He is the sweetest person I know, and always the best friend you could find :)

  • xharlie ßrown

    Mike is so super sexy I will make out with him on the pool table

  • alahondra holmes

    what the hell how are you gonna jump in the bed with someone you dont know i tell all you girls that would do that your a h** okay sorry but thats the truth

  • jordan s

    yeah hey what ever you have to say about mike shove it he is cute and funny i love him

  • http://realworld.com Teagan c

    hes super hawt and keeps stuff to him self and thats okay but this one he let out and he shouldnt be ashamed i doubt he is but hes sweet on tv and just cuz cameras around well that doesnt change him it could too someone else cuz of the fame and its public but hes amazing and i want to meet him soooooo bad!! but just because ur bi straight lesbian or wat ever u r well u shouldnt be judged cuz people who r like that r just wrong and they need to lokk in a mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyson

    Hey! If anyone can get in touch with Mike, I would be eternally grateful. After seeing him on The Real World: DC, I've really become inspired to become more comfortable in my own skin. I too am bi, and would love to be able to get to know him. Seeing him motivated with rights of the LGBT group, it's amazing. I've never been big into politics or human rights campaigns, but I really got inspired by seeing him go through with that. Anyway, if you can get in touch with him, either email me, or give him my email, please. vampiric9243@yahoo.com Please and thank you.

  • Jayson

    I've been wondering what happened to Tanner, they were a cute couple and hope things worked out.

  • Angel

    Mike on MTV's Real World DC is absolutely delectable! I winder what he is up to these days

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