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Meet Real World DC Cast Member Callie

RealWorldheadshotscallieCallie Walker, 21, was a third year student at Sam Houston State in Huntsville, Texas when she decided to drive three hours to Austin and audition for the Real World.

"This Texas native spent her childhood years falling on hard times at one point living in a warehouse, then a junkyard–an experience that for years made her the butt of classmates' jokes," according to MTV press materials.

She interned as a photographer for the Washington Blade while she was here. MTV plays her up as some hillbilly, who'd dared to dream about seeing structures as tall as the Washington Monument before coming to D.C. ("But after so many years in the backwater, will the buzz of the capital be too much for her?" the MTV bio stated.)

I saw Callie out running twice—sans cameras—while the show was filming. (Creepy, I know. But of course someone running the "Real World Stalker Stalker" page is going to recognize cast members.) And she seemed pretty well-adjusted and content when I met her.  So hopefully, that's not the best plot line they've got for her.

Photo credit: Kyle Gustafson / www.photokyle.com

  • craig anthony

    Callie walker was a classmate of mine in a few classes in highschool in pasadena, tx. About 10 miles outside of houston, so she has seen her fair share of sky scrapers and the urban lifestyle and is in no way shape or form a hillbilly. Hahahah

  • Chelsea Summers

    I went to jr & high school with Callie. I had her for a class. We never talked or were friends but she was a well adjusted, smart, pretty and popular girl. I'm shocked to hear that she had hard times. I'm interested in this season to find out what happens...

  • Joni

    I as well went to school with Callie. Callie? A hillbilly?LMAO First of all, in OUR parts of Texas there aren't any hills- how can you call her a hillbilly? HELLO PASADENA,TX is a concrete jungle like any other! Callie was a pretty popular girl & brighter than most.. As far as the "butt of classmates' jokes" ... did either of ya'll(^) ever hear jokes about her? This season should definitely be interesting. Show 'em what your made of girl!

  • Tom

    Sorry it's still Texas and no matter what you all say about it, the rest of the world still think you are hicks.

    Callie is cool though, like her.

  • itsasecret

    So the rest of the world is ignorant idiots? Hilarious...

  • kevin

    most people have the wrong idea about Texas, it's a big state with more to do than people from outside of Texas realize. Anyway, Callie is soooooooo beautiful, inside and out! I wish more women were like her, thank God for Texas women!!!!

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