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Jim Abdo’s Brookland Project: Arts Walk, Housing, ‘Eclectic College Town Retail’ Coming…

4 The Arts Walk looks out toward Monroe Street to the south, and Michigan Ave. to the north, as seen here.

Update: More details on the construction timeline, plans, and the development's location.

So here are the latest renderings of Jim Abdo's huge proposed project in Brookland, which I briefly wrote about earlier this week. Dare I say, they look smashing (and there are three more below the jump).

So look forward to a completed project in a mere...

...seven to nine years from now!




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  • Former Staffer

    Are they rentals or will there be units for purchase?

  • Ruth Samuelson

    Definitely some units for purchase. They are going to be building townhouses as one component. They're still figuring out the rest of condo/apartment mix...

  • jeff

    please no light brown brick!!!!

  • F. Lloyd Wright

    Smashing? This is utter crap! This historic reproductive derivitive mess continues the spreading of a blight in our city. This is much like the stalinist block Abdo built in Logan when he had Tony Williams in his pocket. Imagine how out of date this hot mess will be in 9 years! Jim Abdo seem like a nice guy but he clearly has no real taste.

    Why not take inspiration from the John Paul II Cultural Center and the Catholic University School of Architecture. These are your neighbors here Jim, this is not f'ing Clarendon. Find an architect with some vision.

    Local residents should make it clear immediately that they will not support such a blight being spread across their landscape. This should not be hard to do since there are so many of the CUA community about. As good Catholics you cannot support THIS abortion.

    The vehicle to use is your local ANC. Understand the way this business works in the current economy. Abdo is floating all this as a sort of trial balloon. Make it clear to him throught the ANC early on that unless he presents something worthy of support, which this clearly is not, the costs of the delays in fighting the locals will undermine his financial viability here. Delays can get very costly.

    Lets not continue the tragedy of the masterpiece of 20th century architecture having been built in 1937 into 21st century Washington. Stop Abdo until he presents a project that is worthy. Tony Williams isn't Mayor anymore.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joellawson Joel Lawson

    This looks wonderful, esp. the lighter brick and high roof designs. It would also be interesting to know the total number of jobs this project would create for the neighborhood.

    "Delays can get very costly." Spoken like a true NIMBY: throw wrenches around until you and a small, select number of residents are de facto drivers of the process.

    So much for real democracy in the District.

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