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More Than 400 Homes Examined in Fairfax Mortgage Fraud Investigation

This morning's Washington Post also covers the colossal mortgage fraud bust in Fairfax County first reported yesterday.

Local police have been investigating the operation since 2007, according to the Post. The alleged mastermind in the scheme is Ruben Rojas, 30, a Vienna-based real estate agent, who would recruit straw buyers—people who lent their name to purchasing homes, but never intended to live in them—to acquire the houses and then convert the properties into packed boarding houses with tons of occupants living virtually on top of each other.

[U.S. Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.)] said the strike team had investigated more than 400 homes, with 140 referred for criminal prosecution and 143 more for civil court action. Fairfax Sheriff's Capt. Karen McClellan, a member of the code strike team, entered many of those houses.

  • Candace Odom

    Dear Sirs: We moved to Florida from Arkansas because my husbands work Global Produce transfered us here. We listed our home in Springdale, Ar with a reputable Real Estate Company Lindsey and Associates out of Fayetteville, Ar. and John Lindsey Brokers and Nadine Yates was the Listing agents. She kept telling us that no one was interested however, she allowed her own son to move into our home, along with his fiancee and they lived in our house for a year while we were struggling to make to house payments - the one in Ar and our new home in Florida! Finally, a friend of ours who was a DEA agent in Springdale called and said someone had been living in our house! I drove to Arkansas and took pictures of her sons truck with his tag with Chase Miller on the back sitting in our driveway. They had even changed the tile in our kitchen without asking our permission... When I went to the Brokers office he said he would pay off our house however, we did not get our equity which after owning the home for 10 years was approx. $25,000.00. We took them to the AREC or REal Estate Commission Board in Arkansas but everyone on the board was Jim Lindsey's Cronies and Good ole' Boys so they just dismissed our complaint. We eventually, lost both homes to foreclosure and we ended up homeless with 3 kids in School... I want these people investigated and I know they are doing this to other people. Who are these people that they are harboring in Arkansas? They are getting free rent, free electricity, free phones... Anybody could be living in these houses that he is suppose to be selling for people even terrorists could be coming into the country and staying there! Candace Odom Lakeland Fl.

  • Candace Odom

    Lindsey & Associates are allowing people to live in houses that he is suppose to be selling. Who are these people he is giving free rent to and free electricity. He mislead us for a year, telling us that no one was interested in buying our home in Springdale, Ar while we were living in Lakeland, Fl struggling to make two mortgage payments! We eventually, lost both homes to foreclosure and the Sheriff came to our house and evicted us. We were homeless with 3 kids in school! He could be harboring terrorists into the country...

  • Candace Odom

    I went there in January for a family funeral, and to check on our house. I met a man at my favorite restaurant Cafe Sante Fe who was the Assistant Manager. He told me he was looking for a house for his family. I told him about our house in the same city and told him he should contact Lindsey and Associates to look at it. I told Nadine Yates about him. I also, told John Lindsey about the man and hoped he would contact him... They said that they called his home but the lady (his wife) could not speak English so they did not pursue it! This is totally, discrimination. Her husband could speak fluent English so why did'nt they contact him at Cafe Sante Fe? They were not interested in selling our house to Mexican, Americans. But, they allowed her son and his fiancee to move into our home free of charge and without our consent or knowledge while we were trying to make over 2,000.00 a month in mortgage payments!!!! I hope someone investigates Jim Lindsey, John Lindsey, his son, and Nadine Yates who are all Brokers in Fayetteville, Arkansas and why they are discriminating against people of minority races???

  • Candace Odom

    The Real Estate Board in Little Rock, Arkansas are just as liable as Jim Lindsey and Associates. This is a Commission in place to protect Consumers like us from being victimized by People like James Lindsey Broker of Lindsey and Associates in Fayetteville, ARkansas. Their fiduciary responsibility was a fraud!!! I had my real estate license in Oklahoma for over 20 years and I took the brokers class! I know this was a kangaroo Court set up by wealthy real estate members to get wealthier by taking peoples homes from them!!!