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How Much Did the Hearts Campaign Pay for Its Sidewalk Permit?


This week, heart-shaped sculptures have been turning up all over Washington as part of a Colombian tourism campaign.

What does that cost in the way of sidewalk permits? $750!, according to District Department of Transportation spokesperson John Lisle. And yes that's total, for all the various sculptures around town.

The permit lasts through Sept. 17. The campaign's press release stated that it would plop down 40 hearts around the city. Lisle says that DDOT approved 14 locations for the sculptures.

Here are all the locations:

(1) Vermont Ave NW @ 13th St NW

(2) City Center-NY Ave @ 13th St NW

(3) National Guard Memorial-North Capitol St @ Massachusetts Ave NW

(4) DDOT – 941 North Capitol NE

(5) 8th St NW & H St NW

(6) New York Ave @ 13th St NW

(7) Columbia Rd @ 18th St (in front of Sun Trust Bank)

(8) Adam Mills Rd & Columbia Ave (in front of BB & T Bank)

(9) Connecticut Ave & Calvert St NW; Woodley Park-Connecticut Ave NW @24th St NW

(10) G St NW @ 8th St NW

(11) 1900 Q St NW (between 20th St & Connecticut Ave across from Dupont metro)

(12) Massachusetts Ave NW (Thomas Circle)

(13) Thomas Circle @ 14th St NW

(14) Logan Circle @ 13th St NW

  • Icarus


    Are you sure there aren't any additional costs included? You may have just energized the artists of this city because that is just way too affordable for someone else to not do something.

  • Simon

    A lot of them are on National Park Service property. I wonder how much they charged for that.

  • anon

    These are not all the locations. There's at least one on Georgetown's campus as well, though as ostensibly private property might not require the same kind of permit.