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What the Hell is This Thing Doing in Adams Morgan?


It's an advertisement for Colombia—Not the District of, nor the road. The country: Colombia. I was in Adams Morgan last night and I didn't see it. So I think it was either dropped off incredibly late last night, or this morning.

See a more detailed shot below the jump.


That full URL seen above is www.colombiaespasion.com, which seems to be a website for a Colombian tourism board. Sidewalks are public property though. So the question is: Did Colombia clear this with the District of Columbia?

  • http://ardvaark.net Brian Vargas

    Not that I know of. There's one just south of Logan Circle, and one south of Thomas Circle, too. They were brought up at the ANC 2F meeting last night, and no public space permits were every brought up to our ANC. Also, Jack Evans' office knows nothing about them.

  • Simon

    There was a little squib about this in the Washington Post about three days ago.

    I like 'em.

  • Levi Strauss

    The text on the thing discusses "art", but that does not qualify the thing as "art".
    It is spam in the form of a hideous monstrosity.

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