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Blue Skye Development Begins Revitalization of Deanwood Building

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Blue Skye Development has begun redeveloping a 26-unit building in the Deanwood area. The project is on a formerly District-owned site, and one component of the Lincoln Heights New Community.

Construction crews expect to wrap up the project by summer 2010, states a press release from the mayor's office.

Slowly but surely, dribbles of development are occurring on the various New Communities happening around the city.

Ultimately, we're supposed to see four New Communities: Barry Farm/Park Chester/Wade Road; Lincoln Heights/Richardson Dwellings; Northwest One; Park Morton.

Recently, Northwest One, near North Capitol Street a few blocks north of Union Station, debuted its Walker Jones Education Campus. We're supposed to learn about Park Morton's development any day now.

Each Community centers around an area once loaded with decrepit, crime-ridden public housing that will hopefully be transformed into "healthy, vibrant communities for current and future residents," according to the city.

  • John Allain

    Blue Skye did a piss poor job "redeveloping" the Marley Ridge Condos near Benning Rd SE. They cut every corner they could by using poorly skilled workers and cheap materials. If you are looking to buy property in DC, steer clear of anything that they were involved in. You will regret it immediately. Blue Skye = Money Pit.

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  • Ronald Darcy

    I am not surprised, John. Scottie Irving is a fraud and an idiot. I wouldn't trust him to take out the trash, let alone construct a building.

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  • Disgruntled

    Marley Ridge is a disaster. And the cheap crooks of Blue Skye will not make anything right. It just makes me sick that my tax dollars are going to make these horrible excuses for contruction workers even richer. Why does DC keep giving them contracts?

  • Unhappy Customer of MR

    It is criminal, the way Blue Skye works. They get you in under false pretenses, and then clear out before their building can come crumbling down. I never thought I would regret my first home purchase, by my condo has had so many problems from structural issues in the building, to improper hookup of appliances, etc. These men are crooks and I do not know how they sleep at night. If you are ever considering buying one of their properties, do yourself a favor; don't. They only get these contracts because Scottie Irving was a childhood friend of DC mayor Fenty. They are not qualified AT ALL for the work they do and I am paying a steep price for that.